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Welcome and ditto what Dutch said hope you enjoy as I have A LOT.
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Welcome to the SMF, hope you can just find what you feel comfortable using. Personaly when I lived in TX. I never seen anyone BUY a smoker. Heck they just fired up the welder and pulled over the torch, the next thing you know your smelling mesquite. LOL. Just kidding, good luck with finding your smoker.
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either that or homemade. i couldn't bring myself to spend the money on one either. around here a decent smokin joe is 400 and i have 6 in my trailer w/ twice the usable cooking area. good luck
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Need a smoker

OK!OK! Believe it or not it was my wife's idea to get the 60"Lang. I think starting small is a good idea, but which smoker? Academy Sports is selling thesehttp://http://www.smokingmeatforums....ote=1&p=110907 here in Texas. Oklahoma Joes sold out to New Braunfels who sold out to Brinkmann. There is also this outfit in Houstonhttp://http://www.bbqpits.com/backya...uxe_smoker.htm but they are twice as much.. Is the difference of 3/16"vs 1/4" thick material a really big deal? Does anyone have any experience with the ones shown in the links? i just don't want to find out after the fact that I bought a crappy smoker, so I'd appreciate you all with experience helping me out on the selection.. heck maybe they are all good, I just know..du
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david........i don't have one of those monsters................YET.........but from what i have read here..........1/4" rocks............now if a lil ol 1/16th of a inch makes abunch of difference......i have no clue.......but man.....do i wish i was in YOUR shoes...........hehehe

good luck on the journey.........and when you get it.....don't forget BUNCHES of pictures....... Q-View

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I will promise you that there is a huge difference in 3/16 and 1/4 inch pipe. I have built a number of pits in the last several years and the last 4 have all been out of 1/4 inch. You will appreciate it on a cold, wind blown, drizzling day.
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First off, welcome to the SMF! You came to the right place for sure!

I too have been lusting after a Lang... but decided to start out a "tad" smaller and more cost effective. I have the Char-Griller Smokin' Pro and totally love it. Yeah, it isn't a Lang, but it sure does the job nicely. I've modified it to make it a real steady workhorse... it pumps out some great Q and it didn't break the bank.

But, there is a Lang in the not to distant future... icon_smile.gif
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