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Timing is everything.....PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Here is the scenario:

I am smoking for the local watering hole for the OSU game against Wisconsin tomorrow, GO BUCKS!!! The food needs to be ready around 2pm. I have two 12lb briskets and I usually smoke these in about 12-14hrs. I will need to put them on tonight around 6pm, so I plan on pulling them off in the morning 6-8am. MY QUESTION: how should I hold the meat until halftime? The owner wants me to bring my smoker for the "effect" and smoke for a couple of hrs outside the bar. I usually hold the meat in a cooler after smoking for 3-4hrs, and don't put it back on the smoker. So should I take the meat off and let it sit in the cooler until 11am then cool it down in the frig., then heat it up at the bar? OR try to hold the brisket at 160 about 5 hrs, then throw it back on the smoker for an hour or so? Will this make the meat dry??

AGAIN, please help!

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Cook it all at 500 degrees for 4 hours after the smoker.

<Go Meeeecchigan>

Heh...just do some fatties! Hold the beef like ya planned.
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Why don't you adjust your on/off smoking time?
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2 Cents headed your way.

If you are just setting up the smoker for show, I would have the smoker temps down around 150 degrees (just keep above 140 danger zone) and have it smoking along, you can hold the meat at that temp just like you would in the cooler, you never want it to go below 140 for long regardless of how you are holding it.

Keep them in the "warm" smoker wraped in foil until a few minutes before half time, then head out unwrap them and then make your grand presentation. I think you will be fine. You can hold them in there for hours at that temp and be just fine with them wrapped.

If you hold them in the cooler that long, I would suggest keeping a temp probe in there to make sure you stay above 140........if the temps drop below that, take action.

Good luck
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Tell me where you'll be at and I'll stop by and let you know how you did!biggrin.gif
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I second what twistertail said.

I'm on the north end of town.


Take care,

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Pull them off and wrap them in several layers of plastic wrap. Preferably NOT Saran wrap (I personally don't like the smell of it).

he plastic wrap holds both heat and and moisture MUCH better than foil does. It will also allow the meat to continue cooking without any loss of moisture up to 250 degrees! Wrap it tight in both directions so you don't loose the juice. When you unwrap the meat make sure it's in a bowl or turkey pan or you'll spill alot of juice. Trust me on this!

You can either place them in a cooler wrapped with towels or leave them sitting in the oven at around 200 degrees until serving time.

If you plan to slice them pull them and wrap at 175 degrees and place cooler.
If you plan to pull them, pull them off and wrap at 190 degrees place in warm oven.

You won't believe how juicey and tender the meat will be!
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Thanks everyone especailly the info from Richtee(GO BUCKS). I was confused about the 4hrs at 500 degrees then I realized this guy is a Wolverine.

I am going to do the foil at 150*. I wish I could have adjusted the on off time but I'm also making biscuits and gravy for breakfast at Chances R in Pickerington on 256, for you local boys.

Hopefully some of you can make it out!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!
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grin... Wolverines and Sparty today, 3:30 "The Backyard Brawl" All bets are off on the winner of this classic here in Michigan :{)

We'll be chatting in a couple weeks I'm sure! Off to the B-day dinner feast!
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