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Stumps on Ebay

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Nice... now what are the chances that someone will give me a grand to buy that with?
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I would guess that the odds are pretty slim. LOL
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Even if I whine pathetically about how bad I want one? hehehehe
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Oh no...this is so tempting, but my wife would kill me. And it's close too. Good thing I have no way of transporting it home.PDT_Armataz_01_02.gif
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I could bring a truck! hehehe.. yes I am trying to get you in trouble.
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Anyone know what the lotto is up to?
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You can use my trailer. icon_mrgreen.gif
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Newspaper Article

Jim aka Flagriller passed away mysteriously late Saturday evening. He had just returned from a pleasant drive in the country and was settling in to do some grilling, his passion to surprise his wife who was out shopping, or though he thought. As he was preparing his new smoker for the feast he suddenly heard a loud "clang" and collapsed. The death is listed as "due to spending without permission." After careful investigation, authorities questiond why the indentation in the frying pan matched grillers head? New smoker sold to the investigating detective for $500 dollars and the case was closed.
Other smokers/grill for sale contact the family.PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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My Horoscope today

August 23 - September 21

This is <i>not</i> the day to make financial investments of any kind, dear Virgo, though someone may present you with some possible opportunities. They may sound good, but caution is called for. If the information appeals to you, look into it and try to learn the facts, but make no commitment today. If it's truly a good opportunity, it won't disappear within a few days. If it isn't, you'll want to know. Wait!

Says it allicon_mrgreen.gif
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well you couldnt get the truck and trailer till this weekend anyway... so buy it tomorrow ;)
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Your not hellllpingicon_mrgreen.gif And it is tempting.

Thanks for the avatar, not sure I have the guts to use it though. It might offend someone. However, I am using it at work as my new e-mail signature linePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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LOL What would you do with another smoker anyhow?
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Smoke more foodPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif You can never hav too many. Here's one I'd love too! But I'm really thinking about the Stumps, think I'll call Alicewink.gif

The trailer is built out of heavy duty steel construction, 2 inch channel with 14 inch Carlisle tires, and a Bulldog jack. It measures 5X5 1/2'.

The grill has a wood-storage box on the back that measures 40X24X12". The top inside pull-out rack measures 12x50", the bottom inside pull-out rack measures 23X50". It has a work table that measures 52x10". Has a 3in. temp gage. Has a 6x6 cleanout, made for easy cleaning.

It looks just as nice in person as it does on film.
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Buy her some roses and tell her how much ya love her.. then hit her with the smoker (well not literaly) remind her of all the great food you have provided her with the smokers you have... Good Luck!
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Yeah, if I had the space and the money........oh boy.......what a collection of cookers I would have.
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How much are they wanting for that trailer smoker?
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Hehehe... Dibs on the Chargriller!
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$1500, but I think he's flexable. If I recall, it started out at $2200 four weeks ago.
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