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Little Aimie is a cutie!!
Thanks for the pictures Debi, looks like you all had a great time.
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I think I had the best time of all,I got to meet Debi and her friend and I didnt have to stand out in the cold all weekend.Also I got to stay home all weekend and play with lots of fresh beef for the freezer.Those are two of the best girls Ive run into for a long time,I was so glad they got to stop by for supper.It seemed as we had known them for ever,they are so friendly and we have so much in common ,it was like talking to an old friend you had'nt saw in a long time.I had to keep my eye on Debi,I think she was eying my meat slicer and my stuffer.PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif I only hope to get to hand out with them again sometime.
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Well David I have definately crossed NC off my list for retirement! I sang "Country Roads" all the way home without even thinking about it. It just kept comming out. I really hated leaving your house. If anyone wants to know what David is like he's just a big o heart with arms and legs and a twinkle in his eyes!

That was the fastest 4.5 hours I have ever spent in my life! You guys are the greatest! I had the same feeling that we'd met and always known eachother - couldn't put my finger on it but I felt like I was "home." I haven't felt that way since we lost Mama in 81.

I miss you and Cindy already!

Big Hugs!

(yeah I'm the huggericon_lol.gif )

PS: I was eyeballing that slicer and stuffer but I don't think I could lift them
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It wasn't to bad until the sun went down and then it got down to the 50's. Real pretty place nice little log cabins which won me over ASAP. Very efficently contructed - small bedrooms though. I think I broke my baby toe trying to kick the blankets off when I got over warm - I kicked the outside wall!

Gypsys is real a sweetie when you get him calmed down. I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown Saturday worring about having enough food and pleasing everyone. I kept teling him it's just food and it's free nobody's gonna complain and if they do you can't please everyone! He pretty much did the smoking and I made the breakfasts and a few stuffed fatties and ABTs. Everyone was full and happy and picked at food the food all night.

Once the feeding frenzy was over and most folks gone we talked for hours and played with Aimie. His wifes a real sweetie too. Gyspy your a lucky man!

Would you believe we had about 6 ribs, 3 butts and a turkey tray full of Dutches beans for about 15 people! The butts we're so tender and juicey all I had to do was pick the fat out and stir it up a little and they were pulled. NOBODY used buns except us, they just ate the pulled pork like spaghetti.

Next day he made some Mexian sounding thing with some of the pork that was really good I forgot what he called it and how he made it but I'll ask again. Must have been the limes - those limes will get you every time! icon_rolleyes.gif

Here's a few pictures driving into Summersville at noon on Friday
The pretty pictures I first posted where on the way OUT of town - same lookout spot.

And one more of Little Aimie and me playing on my Djembe
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whew we're home. i got a slight recap & pics under- home from summersville-in events. lol thanx for the compliments debi. yeah dac- it was like meeting family you've had forever.
it would take a whole week to share all the weekend if that makes any sense. debi made some great food- i think i ate 1/2 the abts myself & there sure weren't no lack of frosty beverages.
sorry i'm so late getting to this. so much to unload & do when we got home & when i wentto turn on the gas the tank is empty so we got space heaters & fell into bed under 4 quilts.something else to be done... sheesh i'm tired.
p.s. debi- it was 26 degrees sunday morning..PDT_Armataz_01_30.gif no wonder it felt so cold.

bbl w/ more details.
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Gyspy -

We spent the night in PA, Somerset or something and had to run the car for 30 minutes to de-ice it. No way I was unpacking that trunk to find the scraper! I barely got it all in the first time!

Problem was is was to frosty for me to enjoy those frosty beverages while we were cooking! Sunday was better INSIDE the cabins. Darn those limes anyway! icon_razz.gif
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Debi .......... I was wondering if you were sleeping in the bed of your truck again! PDT_Armataz_01_18.gificon_lol.gif
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oh i've slept in bigger storage sheds lol (the bedrooms- queen sized beds w/ literally- 6" between the bed & wall.
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i minnesota i used to put cheap vodka in my windshield squirters..... but thats me lol...
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Heck with the windsheild, run a hose into your vehicle off the windsheild washers and mix a fresh one !!!
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Randy -

No I rented a cabin this was vacation not work! I loved the little log cabins -so cozy - but then I want a log cabin in the woods so bad I can taste it!

Gypsy -

I think those were double beds - a least mine were! I did crack my toe on the wall a few times just trying to kick the covers off. Good thing I was on the outside I'd of broke my leg! icon_smile.gif

Dacdots -

I'm searching the listings -
Land Property, Area: Ripley, WV Approximately 6.12 acres Random Road. Is that anywhere near you?
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