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Posting pics on SMF.Tutorial

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On the boards and in the chat rooms. I have been asked about posting pictures here at smoking meat forums.

Their are many services out there that will allow you to do this.
In this tutorial we will be using Photobucket.

We will start by uploading a photo from your computer.
Click the browse button to upload a photo to photobucket.

Once you have selected all the pictures click the upload button.


Now that we uploaded a photo, We will need the link to post it on the board.
In this tutorial I have chosen picture051.jpg from my computer.

Click anywhere in the IMG Code box shown here.
The URL will automatically copy.


Now we will insert the Photo by pasting it in the message body.
Just right click and paste!


To post multiple picture in the message body. Be sure to hit the enter key to get some space between your pictures and repeat the steps.


you can click the "preview post button" to see how your post will be viewed.


That's it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture sizes;
The original picture size will determine the size in the forum.

The original pic was 1024x768

This one is 307x230

When determining picture size, Remember dial up users will have difficulties viewing larger pictures.

Recommended resolution 800 x 600 OR smaller.

you can set your upload options in Photo Bucket to determine size for all uploaded pictures in the future.
To learn more about this option Click here

If you have any questions fell free to contact me. Click here.
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I like big pics......but.........icon_question.gif
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Great post! Nice cat!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Strat is the cat's name.
I have fender, strat and caster.
(mom dad and daughter cats)
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Hey Glued2it,

This is a great how to post! Why don't you PM the mods and request that they make it a sticky?

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Anybody seen my canary?!?!
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I wish I knew what this one means. Rich, help me out, buddy!
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The cat picture. He is laying in the bird bath
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Ever heard "he looks like the cat that got the canary"? This cat does!
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Great thread glued2it. It should help out alot of people.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I hope so! It's a sticky in the new member forum.
Thanks Ron50!
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the only thing I will add, if you copy the IMAGE link, you do not have to use the little icon above. Just paste and save.
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Is this the suggested route? or is direct upload still ok? I don't want to use up server space unnecessarily so would you rather have hosted pics?

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Do whatever works for you!
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Just wondering, I can do it anyway that you want. Direct upload is just easier for me and I'm lazy. (Self important pompous voice on) After all I'm an IT guy so I can do anything with photos (voice off) I'll keep uploading but if that gobbles up server space let me know and I'll use a hosted site.

Thanks for the tutorial though
(voice on) Even though I don't need it (voice off)
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Uploading thumbnails is fine. Using a image hosting source is easier for allot people to use.

When uploading thumbnails most will have resize the pic to meet the forum's limit of 97.7 KB.

Thumbnails can only be seen by members logged in and not guest.
You also have to click on them to see the larger picture.

I'm only a member just like everyone else, It's not my place to say what is best.
The tutorial was to help anyone who didn't know to post pics.

I always recommend what works best for each and every one.

Me too, but not everyone here is icon_lol.gif

The attachment process work well for txt, doc and pdf's too.
It's good for posting copies of recipes!
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Here goes a test run...pic of my 4-yr. old.
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One more try...if this doesn't work,

Tell me what I'm doing wrong.
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Thanks as soon as I get rid of this old 3 1/2 floppy cam and get a new one I will try it. COPIED AND PASTED NICE POLE BEANS
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