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Back and on track

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Once again, thanks to everyone at the SMF for all the encouragement and spiritual support. My mind is in gear... but my rear end needs posi-traction. I can't see the blue sky, I smell smoke, and ash particles are all over the place. Air quality is not good, we're advised to avoid outdoor activities for awhile.

I was going to smoke some jalapenos, but my buddy next door advised me to wait, everyone is paranoid right now. If we hear a firetruck or chopper, everyone goes outside and looks to the horizon for smoke. I'll be doing my thing shortly, but now I've got to welcome the newbies!
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Rich, I'm thrilled that you're back here. You've been missed! I hope your healing continues, as well as the conditions out your way. You'll remain in our thoughts, buddy.
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Glad your back.
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Welcome back Rich, I am happy you are back with us!

Be careful out there on the left coast bud, we don't want U becoming the Q!
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Richoso -

I am so happy to see you well enough to share your company with us! You have been missed my dear friend! You be careful out there and if they say go - don't hesitate you burn some rubber on that chair of your and get outta town soon as your able!
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good to see you back, i hope your fires up there are getting better, ours got the least air support and are getting worse over 20000 acres!
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wow rich my bad.........didn't see you had a thread bout coming back or i would of said hey here.........but like i said before........glad to see you back

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I couldn't have said it better Rich, except for, I KNOW your healing will continue!! Better and greater my friend. icon_smile.gificon_biggrin.gificon_wink.gif
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Great to see you back with us full time, Rich!

Nuthin' like a real family pullin' full time for a loved one!

Now, take it like you are supposed to, listen to the doctor's orders which I am sure include a bit of descretion and do not over do it for a bit!

Great news, Rich! Thanks for including the SMF family!

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and watch out for the fires.......

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Great to have you back!
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Wow... hope ya don't need that posi rear end there Rich, but happy you are up and around. Scary stuff, that.
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Glad you are back and take good care of yourself.
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Good to have you back Rich.
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Take care out there Rich. My heart is with you as the wall of orange makes it's way across the land. Let's hope that it can be put out soon.
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