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what does this mean?

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Try lookling at your personal profile and see if anyone made a comment about a post of yours ??
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I looked at the rep power and there wasn't a comment on that particular post so I wondered if it was something different.
I didn't see any other type of comments
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Did you look under User CP for that info?
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Yes I did.
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mite have to pm either jeff or one of the mods for a answer to it.....

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I figured it out


It pertains to how many comments (post's)I made for that particular thread.
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When I hold my cursor over the envolope with the arrow,
I get this yelleow dialog box.

4 comments means that I have personally posted 4 times in this thread.(comments)
It will be 5 now.
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ahhhh.........this is the thread listings.........got it


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