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Combating the Clumps

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I was wondering what ya'll do to keep stored homemade rubs from clumping. Most storebought rubs have silicone dioxide added to them to absorb moisture. I was hoping that the high salt content would be enough but it is still clumping. Any answers?????? I also am talking about a rub that has a good bit of brown sugar and paprika in it. I think the sugar is the culprit.
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I usually put it right back in the processor and WALA, all the clumps are gone
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i shake the begeesus outta it ....
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Yeah, that is a problem... even though I store mine in an airtight container. What I do is vigorously shake the container, pour some in a bowl, then use a wire wisk to "fluff" it up.

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There are places that sell moisture absorption "rocks". they do seem to work well. I use them in my spices out in my RV. Bed Bath & Beyond sells them. they kinda look like a ginger snap cookie in size and shape. I'm sure they're are other types available.
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you could try drying your brown suger first. my granny puts rice in her salt shaker to keep it from clumping, but shes old.
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Thats funny!!icon_lol.gif
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No, it's true
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i always used rice in salt shakers (i think everyone in a humid climate does)i was thinking about using it in lil' spice bags in the rubs as i tend to pour a bit or rub & spread it instead of shake out.
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I make my rubs fresh every time, just depending on what im cooking. Should i be making a large quantity of it and storing it?
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That is exactly what I doPDT_Armataz_01_30.gif
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You can make a batch and store it in a air tite container or freeze it, i will last longer than you think.
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