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Bacon cure..?

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So, I have my 12lb pork belly, and I'm getting ready to cure using the recipe in the book Charcuterie. My questions is this, the recipe says cure for 7 days using pink salt, all I have is Morton tender quick (Experience has shown this will cure 1" thick pork chops in a few hours) Should I still cure for 7 days?

Thanks in advance!
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It would depend on how thick your slab is....with morton's you cure for 7 days per inch of thickness. I personally get by fine curing slabs for 7 days.

Remember to soak it in cool water for at least an hour after the seven days to get rid of some of the saltiness. Also make sure it is dry before smoking, so the smoke will not streak.

and take pictures for us!smile.gif
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I guess my question wasn't clear, is it possible to 'overcure' the meat? If I can cure pork chops in a few hours, will it hurt the belly if I cure it for 7 days?
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I don't have any experience with the Morton's, but I would be willing to bet that your belly will be fine..........if anything 7 days may leave you a little bit short on being done. Overcuring would not be a concern of mine in 7 days no matter what I was using. I am sure when the night shift logs on, someone can give you specifics.

Just my 2 cents. Let us know what you do and how it works out.
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It is possible to get it too salty. Bacon slabs usually take at least 7 days using mortons. If you can...measure the slab and see how thick it is it would help you out. You need to cure the slab 7 days for each inch of thickness....so if your slab is over 1 inch, you need to cure it longer.

For morton's, you use 1TBS of the cure for each pound of meat....rub over entire slab and shake off any access.

After it has cured, make sure to soak and scrub off any access cure.

Hope this makes sense....:)
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Mortons will do fine. I did my first few bacons with it although I like a wet brine better than I dry brine so I can inject the flavors into the middle of the meat.
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Thanks guys, FYI, the Bacon is on hold, my butcher called and said they are sending the belly back, because they "Were'nt happy with it, and I wouldn't have been either", so I'm playing the waiting game again...
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hey ron.........at least you have a reputable butcher...............some will just pass on a inferior peice of meat............so make sure to give your butcher kudo's

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I do appreciate them, it's an incredible store- small town feel, great products.

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Your chops were not fully cured in that time. Some mistake a "hammy" flavor for a full cure, but don't be fooled.
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Boy I'd stick with those guys! The most well know meat market in out area Salem Prime Cuts sold me a 13 pound piece of almost salt pork when I bought my 1st belly from them. Wrapped in brown paper of course. I was not happy to pay $4/lbs for salt pork!
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Picked up the belly yesterday, fine looking piece of meat. Here it is trimmed up, and ready to be cured. I'm using the Maple cure method found in Charcuterie.

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I'll be waiting to see the results
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Me too! Looking forward to your results.
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Good luck Ron!
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Washed off the cure yesterday, dried the belly in the fridge overnight. I have the Bacon in the smoker as we speak!
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Finished Product!

OK, here it is! It goes tomorrow to get sliced- MMmm! Looks GREAT!

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That looks great Ron!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Ummmmmmmmm Yummy!
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Waiting for the taste test, but I bet I can predict the outcome! Nice lookin' bacon.
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