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Hey Carl, welcome, It seems u have good taste in your smoker, I have one identicle to yours,I have made 1 mod. to it and that was to put a rotissiserie on it. I have been having trouble down loading pics. but once figuered out I'll send them to SMF, U will enjoy it
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Welcome to the forum Carl!icon_biggrin.gif
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sounds good Allen. I bought my smoker today and want to make a vent at the top and play around with it and see if i need one down by the coals. After i make adjustments and season my smoker i will put up pics too for us to compare.
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welcome i love this place i think i might be addicted and admitting u r addicted is the first sign of recovery but who wants to recover from this maybe its the first sign of acceptance
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Welcome to the Forum Carl!!! This is THE place for learnin' 'bout smokin'. Best of luck!!
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