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Hey ya'll


Some of you may have met me as Harleys4Life.  That name came from being on harleys for most of my life.  The new SN stems from a memorial to my children.  7 years ago next month, my then wife and I had triplets.  The babies came early....WAY EARLY!  They were 4 months early.  Their weights averaged about 1 lb. 5 oz.  Sad to say my son didn't survive his first night and one of my daughters only lived a week.  My little Mushka is the light of my life and I will do anything to protect her.  2AngelsBBQ is a tribute to living my life for the 2 brightest stars in the heavens!  


Hope I didn't bring down everybody too far.  I am smiling!  Thank you for listening



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Stills and Grills is my BBQ team name. It is hard to come up with something original.
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:icon_rolleyes:   Quote: Grills I get what's the stills wouldn't be shine would it?
Originally Posted by Stillsandgrills View Post

Stills and Grills is my BBQ team name. It is hard to come up with something original.
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Easy answer: its my handle everywhere.

Truth: long ago I messed up a registration once, and couldn't use Abter anymore there...it was taken already (by me:30:). Hence Abter1 was born and lives forever


Next level:  because I use Abter for a Chesapeake Bay fishing site, when I finally got my own boat Abter became my VHF handle and de facto boat name.   My son and fishing mate goes by Abter Jr. Now many Bay fishermen I've met assume my name is Abter :33:


Ultimate answer:  lost somewhere in the depths of space, time, and can't remember sh***.  It certainly predates the WWW, but not the online BBS systems of the 70's.  It must have seemed a good idea at the time (I hope).


Keep on Smoking!!!

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I study a lot on the process, hobby, and profession. Since I am not an officially declared  Pit Boss, I used the 

derivative and as I am in TX I guess that would not be a disqualifier, I added that. I really enjoy the art of

smoke cooking. 90% of this art is controlling the fire, and 10% is flavor. One does not have to have clouds of

smoke coming from the cooking unit to qualify as a smoke cooker. Just because the apparatus is called a

smoker, does not mean it is has to billow clouds and clouds of smoker. The preferred process would involve

the 90% heat and 10% smoke flavor. It becomes a "love affair" with the fire so once the fire is controlled then

we add the flavor in a light dusting of smoke from soaked wood. 

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AWESOME man! The kids are watching so keep on blessing their names.

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That name is original to me....keep on keepin on......

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I was a fuzz paranoid about putting anything personal when I made mine up and I always figured I was a Mom & Pop kind of guy and I had 4 kids...so I was m&p+4. The & and + were a pain to type so I shortened it up to mp4...this website needed 4 digits and it doesn't like symbols so I made it mp4s...now I have different names to remember.
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A lot of great names here, Looks like I kept my name too simple.

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This has been a very amusing thread! My screen name is LowdownJT and it comes from the fact I am a bass player in my spare time and my initials are JT. Since I bring the Lowdown sound, LowdownJT just fits! Plus it sounded better than BottomEndJT :xrocker:

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I was in the Navy for 25 years and I was a mustang ( own who goes from enlisted to officer) and the job I had involved working with mmunitions. An officer in the weapons is called Gunner and my first name is Robert.
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Robert:  Good for you - MUSTANG style. I too was Navy within the Naval Security Group Communications Intell Intercept. Fondly known as the "Spy Navy."   I did ride a Tin Can DD-715 Wm. Wood around the MED two TAD trips. While I did not mind the sea duty, I got attached to the shore duty locations especially in Rota Spain. Hope to chat with you more.....Pit Boss Tx

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Yes, I remember Rota and the sangria shack. Being on the air side I rode the Forrestal, the America and the slack Jack (the JFK). I stopped at most of the ports in the Med...I liked Palma Spain the best. I also had the pleasure of spending time in Iceland and Diago Garica.

I have just start to smoke meat. I got a Char-broil electronic electric smoker and I have been busy. I bet I have looked at all the videos on YouTube. I have a top round I am going to do Monday...any pointers?
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Mine is real easy 36 years as a Firefighter and retired
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My name is Frank.

I am a Union Ironworker.

I erect steel and precast buildings.
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I retired from the Fire Service and Emergency Management after 36 years as well. Welcome aboard, take sometime and do some reading this site can really help.

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My son an grand daughter and myself we race boats. Racen7

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Lots of Bobs around. Smokey is how I smell when BBQing and was born in 49. Pretty simple.
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My screen came about when I was constantly reminded to 'don't forget to attend the meat, Rick!!'  ,,,,Rick!! The Meat!!!  Don't forget the meat,  !Rick!, The Meat!!

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Mine is from my name and that I used to ride motocross.
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