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My name came from the name of my camp I own w/friends in the boonies of northern NH. The camp got the name from the rutting moon or crazymoon for whitetail deer,there has been more beer spilt than deer blood spilt there !:icon_smile:

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i Love bacon


i live in the hell hole NY state...

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Schola is short for "schola cantorum", which sings during the Latin Mass at my home Parish. My singing stinks. My cooking is good though :)
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Pretty simple...


Scuba Diving has been passion of mine of the past 50 years.... Started using gear to clean pools when I was 16 and progressed along the way into more Technical Diving and had been diving a rebreather for the past six years.... Just recently gave it up....  Too many aches & pains.  :-)


Combined Diver with my initials....  REB


Thus Diverreb.


Use it pretty consistently across many of my special interest boards.....



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I was a crew chief on a race car and had the ability to see things that were square or parallel so the guys nicknamed me "micrometereye" after the measuring tool a micrometer.
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We have a Latin Mass (1962) here in East Texas. What part of Indiana?


Thank Goodness we don't have to sing well to smoke well.

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Oh...sorry....got my name because I just like bullets...

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Originally Posted by NYpigFarmer View Post

i Love bacon
i live in the hell hole NY state...

I thought it was fitting to quote your post due to my screen name...... I was born an raised in that hell hole they call Upstate NY. I was from a town called Rome, NY. I packed my things, left and never looked back.......

That is why I am an ex-Rome- NYer.......exromenyer!!!!!!!!!
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I drive a jeep and I scuba dive. Therefore JeepDiver
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exromenyer- Surprised you call Upstate a hell hole cos when I started driving OTR, I had to go several times to  REAL hell holes- Queens, Masbeth, Long Island, etc, hauling produce,and other stuff. Once I got a run from the K.C. Ford plant to Albany, Syracuse, Buffalo, and somewhere else I can't remember. I dreaded it. Got up there before 8 am and the countryside was beautiful. Next thing I know, I hear this voice, "Good Morning". I jumped back, looked all around, seen 1 guy and I had my hand on my protection( won't say what) but he said 

"1st time up here? and I said "Yes." He said " Relax, we're not like those @(%*$&%*^ down in Lower side." It was like being back in Gods' country back home. That was the early 70's so things must have changed in all those years. Anyway, glad you're somewhere you like. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


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A long long time ago I was really good at a game called Counter Strike: Source.  I played under  the name "BabyPuncher".  There was a server that I really enjoyed and wanted to make my home server.  Played there on a regular basis and was asked by an admin to change my name...Switched to DontPunchBabies and it stuck.

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I make homemade sausage, I would bring some into work after smoking it and my buddy would always tell me I make good sausage for a fatboy. So he and I started calling my sausage fatboy sausage, I had to spell it different on here because others were using the same name.

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Marauderer.  I owned a 2003 Mercury Marauder and for that forum I took the name "Marauderer".  It has served me well over the past 10+ yrs that I have used it.

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Veterans- Thank you for your service!42.gif


It was my first name on AOL back in the day. I was single and online dating so my friend came up with it since I am a redhead. Has stuck over the years even to my motorcycle roadname.  Now that I am on here..it takes on a whole new culinary meaning with description of meat.

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Pretty simple for me, My name is Chaz and I was trying to learn how to smoke meat while very hungry lol. Great thread.

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Bushman is my last name. It was already taken so I'm from Michigan so I just used MichiganBushman.
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I've been using this screen name for what seems like eons now.


"Cadmentr" came about because I was teaching AutoCAD/mentoring students coming into our company for summer positions. 


The only thing was, my service provider at the time only allowed 8 letters for your screen name, so it was either give up the "o" or the "r" and I chose the "o".


I think I've been using that name since I got my first computer and went onto the internet for the first time, and that's way too long ago for me to say in public.


Cheers, everyone.

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I smoke a lot of chicken and butts

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Love your "Bad Hunter" quip about vegetarians.

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The first part of mine is fairly self explanatory...

The TCB is for "Takin care of business in a flash" which was Elvis' moto and logo. Im a huge Elvis fan.

The 77 is for my birth year as well as the year Elvis died!!!

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