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How did you come up with your screen name? - Page 53

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I picked kettleQ cuz I love my weber kettle and BBQ!!!
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Mine is easy : my name is Frank and I come from Belgium (not that Im proud of it) = BE can be BEERland as well...


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That was easy for me. I'm a long time Nascar fan. Jeff Gordon being one of my favorite drivers. So JG24

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When I started to log in, the volcano in Iceland had erupted, and the flights in Europe were cancelled. The world was watching for the ash cloud to settle down.  I thought it would make for an interesting name.

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Grew up in New Orleans.  CB handle was "SwampRat."  Tried it here, it was taken.


Recently moved to Madison, Wisconsin area, where everything is Badger related.


SwampBadger was born.  Weird thing is, I like it better than SwampRat.

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Another Colorado Springs Smoker. I'm just up hill in Tri Lakes.

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This should draw fire from all of the liberals, but mine is pretty simple.  I have a large firearms store in Texas, hence Gunrunner.

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KirkS, pretty simple, first name Kirk, last mane begins with S. With all the various passwords for work and what ever, I need something I could think of late at night.  No imagination! 

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I got my screen name on EBAY. They gave it to me when I signed up back in 2008. It makes sense & I like it so I kept it. I was born in 1971 & my last name is Ready.
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Parts of my name.  But the avatar is because I smell like one.

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My screen name is my riding name.  I ride motorcycles and about ten years ago we were watching a video of a guy stunt riding a bike, his name was Wink1100.  One of the guys watching it with us said, "Who cares about Wink1100 when we got the Wat1000." and it just kind of stuck.  Even though I have moved up from the 1000cc bike the name remains the same. 

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My name is Gerard and I go by "G". So Smokinwith G
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Nothing too deep behind my name. It's also not related to just this forum. Been using it since I first started on the internet in the late 90s. I simply saw Solidbob engraved on an old bowling ball one night while out having drinks and bowling with friends. Thought it was kinda badass, especially if you were on a bowling team, so I adopted it. Other than that, I don't call myself Bob and I'm not very solid these days.

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My 3 favorite things; Canada, Cajun food and Bacon

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I was Bar-B-Queuing for a large party one weekend with my stick smoker cooking Boston buts, Baby Back Ribs, Leg of Lamb and chicken wings. I pulled several buts and sliced one along with the leg of lamb on my commercial meat slicer.

Served the pulled pork and thin sliced pork on fresh bakery rolls with Bar-B-Q sauce, baked beans, Cole slaw and Greek potato salad.

The thin sliced lamb was served on Texas toast......prepared in the toaster and brushed with garlic butter.

All I heard from the crowd was "WHOO WEE" you are the Bar-B-Q Pig man and this is better than delicious it's triple Awesome.


After the party was over and my wife and I sat back in the lounge chairs by the pool with a cocktail, my wife said to me.....I think you really are the Pig Man and your smoked buts, lamb, ribs and wings were absolutely delicious.

After another good single malt scotch I said to my wife, well I am just Pig-A-Liscious then and she said you are without a doubt.


My name, "Pig-A-Liscious was born that day.

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I am originally from the Boston area but have been in the south since 2004, so many people have referred to me as a Yankee. So that is where the name came from.
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i fish ........A LOT!!...no i really mean ......A LOT!!

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Darby is my dogs name & 83 is my Karting race number
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I've had this one a very long time... I have restored vintage motorcycles for nearly 30 years.... One of my favorite rides was Harley Davidsons Knucklehead. It was manufactured from 1936 to 1947and I had a few.  AOL was just coming into its own in the late 1980's.  Decided to try the email thing so when I joined back then, everyone's screen name was a bit odd, I used Knuckle47....the last year HD made this engine design.  IF you are on ANY site and its knuckle47....Likely it's me !

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My last name is schulz and in 2008 it was a good year for me so that's how I got schulz08
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