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First attempt at pulled pork

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Well the smf has yet to lead me in the wrong direction, so far i have stuck with chickens and a pork loin, both awesome. Now I'm going to give pulled pork a try. I'm going off of the "basic pulled pork thread" and the wrapping in a towel and putting in a cooler seems odd, but like i said i have yet to be led in the wrong direction.

I am how ever leaving the fat side up, because every pork but i have ever had was that way and haven't had a complaint about it.

any suggestions?
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Fat side up or down is a matter of your personal preference. The foiling and towel wrapped rest in the cooler will go a long way to giving you tender, juicy pulled pork. Good Luck! Enjoy the smoke. Please post some pics. We love our Q-view.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Some say that fat side up washes off the rub.

Others say that the fat seeps into the meat giving it a juicier texture.

I say, smoke it! Who cares!
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also i don't have quite the funds to purchase the captain morgans rum for the spray (being a college student). I was thinking apple juice and beer???
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I use plain apple juice and have not had any complaints. Keep us posted on the result!
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what is the effect of the towel? ill prob do it but i like to know little stuff like that. also does finishing it in the oven have a huge effect?
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Thats what I do also. Sometimes I'll add some apple cider vinegar also.
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Hay, TGpirate dont waste the beer man.......apple juice will be just fine.

Oh...ya.....Whats an oven??
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ha DEER MEAT, the oven was suggested in the basic pulled pork thread, also i'm guessing you have some venison recipes that need to be shared, any previously posted, or will peer pressure do the trick into giving them up
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I use just apple juice - no booze and it's always great!

The towel keeps it warm and the juices start flowing like water! MAke sure you wrap it up good with plastic wrap so it doesn't leak out!
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I honestly don't have any venision recipes. That was one of the reasons I joined here a little over a year ago. To get some ideas for smokin up some deer.
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Just follow the directions. Give yourself enough time to get it up to temp and then time to rest in the cooler ...... Dont let the fella's rush you, rest that thing in the cooler, and you you will be able to pull that pork like string cheese. Being in NC ........ you gotta try this QUICK & EASY finishing sauce, you wont be sorry.

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Minor emergency, put the pork butt on 15 min ago and my thermometer is broken, its already reading 180, it is counting down...but im goin to go pick one up anyway
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Is it done when it hits zero? Definitely get a new thermometer to help keep the sanity.
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Good luck.

If you don't get out and/or can't get a thermometer, don't panic. Once you hit about one hour per pound cooking time (8hours on an 8lb butt) start giving the bone a little wiggle, if you can pull it out (or dang near) then it is done. If the bone is still in there good, check it again in an hour. Repeat until done. If you are going to wrap it during the cook, wrap at around the 6 hour point (for an 8lber).

There are a few other tests you can do, but that will get you home in the worse case scenario.

What temp are you cooking at?
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More insulation, and keepsthe heat close to the meat, as opposed to first heating up the whole freakin' cooler.
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Oh yeah, you can preheat your cooler too if you want. Probably more important in the cold weather than this time of year, but just prior to pulling the butt off the cooker, bring some water to a boil and pour it into your cooler, let it sit there for a bit with the lid closed, empty, and then put the wrapped butt in there...........then you aren't using the butt heat to warm the cooler as well.

Not critical to do my any means, but can give you a longer hold time if you need it.
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got the new thermometer, im at about 130 degrees right now, going to go check the wood chip, water, and a good spray with the apple juice.

the smoker temp is right at 225

ill keep it there till the meat reaches 170, then ill wrap it in foil and bring the temp up to 250 until the meat reaches 200
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Sounds like you got it figured out.

Just out of curiosity, why are your upping the temp after you wrap?
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Sounds good. Don't like the meat temp platauing put you off, it will start to move again soon after foiling. Be very careful when removing from smoker. Those juices are HOT
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