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Pork Butt?

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I'm wanting to make some sausage this weekend and was thinking of a hunter's sausage and probably some Italian too. I have some cuts in my freezer I want to use, including some "not flavorful enough bacon" I made some time ago I was going to add that to the landjager I had in mind.

But I know I don't have enough pork fat to do either type. I was thinking of buying a pork butt to grind up for the extra pork meat I'll need, but I'm sill going to be a bit short of the 25% back fat I want for the sausage. How about using bacon fat? Or would my local butcher be able to provide pork fat? Nothing but big chain stores around here unless I go to the Mexican markets. Any suggestions?
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I would try the Mexican markets...........they should be able to hook you right up, I would think.

I know the ones here in Tampa are usually well stocked.
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The butcher in my local supermarket sells me a few pounds of fat at 25 cents a package
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