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In addition to lots of guidance, I'm about to meet some new friends face to face in Brandon Florida.

Its all good
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A freakin' ton. I have been a cook and a griller for a long time, and the sausage and stuff, and smoked stuff, but I have made a quantum leap here with the advice and knowledge available. If there's anyone keeping track and notes, from what I've seen...Best Internet Forum Site in 2007.

Thanks Jeff
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I couldn't say it any better than this. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif My great thanks to you all. smile.gif Terry
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i bought my first ecb bout 20 years ago............the pia model........hehehe

have had seveal of em over that years do to moving......girlfriends moving out and talking my ecb while i wasn't looking.....hehehe.........

then found the ecb gourmet.....a wsb clone i understand......i think its a wsb........anyhooters.......

did ribs and chicken for years.........loved the brisket from the q joints, but NEVER thought i could do one...........didn't like pulled pork i have had inthe past.......in fact was never really fond of pork.......cept for ham at the holidays.....

i just joined in aug.......and i really can't say how i found this site........the smoke ring website was part of it.......i think it was jeffs' blog that got me here.......and WOW.......

still using the ecb gourmet.........but the q i put out of it now.......WOW

my first all nite brisket.........2 boston's now.........abt's
dutch's beans........at the moment momma is making chili with left over brisket......and she makes a HECK of a chili.......BEFORE the addition of smoked brisket.........
twice smoked spuds.......i could go ON AND ON........
and even moma doesn't complain about too MUCH smoking going on.......SHE"S a new recruit........

let alone links to HOW to make my OWN holiday hams........who would of thunk

i have met one of you guys already.........talked to several others on the phone.........mossy and gsg........thank you BOTH.........and buzz......above and beyond the calling......thankx dude......and i will get the pic i took of you and your two beutiful daughters i met yesterday sent to you, so you can do the show yourself.........

Jeff..........what can anyone say bout this man
DJDebi..........TONS of help, and instructions........and her site ROCKS

but.......i find i can help the newbies with knowledge i learned HERE......and semi-kinda know what i am talking about......heeheh

like i said in my thankyou speech for the otbs title........i owe it ALL to you find people here..........this site for being available and so freindly.......and my wife for putting up with the all day smokes........and the support she gives me........

what have i gained from this site.......YOU GUYS........thats what i gained......

nuff said

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Learned to go from thick and white to thin and blue........

I read way more on this site than I can post to. The number of threads and information provided by all here is great.

Thanks to Jeff and all who make this site what it really is.....DELICIOUS>>>>

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Ditto all the above, including a little weight. I've gained CONFIDENCE in what the heck I'm doing and RESPECT from my friends and neighbors for knowin' what I know, thanks to my friends here.
I've gained 2 smokers.
I wish I was not so isolated down here in de islands but it's where I'm happy.....I'd come to the gatherings but boy it's a drive from down here in North Cuba. Besides my seafood is still movin' when I get it from friends.
I've gained a freezer full of on-sale meat, waiting to get bark.
Thank you Jeff and everyone else for such a pleasant community.
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Being one of the NFG's I've not gotten much from this site - yet, and I've given back even less.

Hope to change that.

I did find out that its OK to mess up, and that messing up is half the fun (eating it is the other half)

I've learned that I need more freezer space for everything that I've smoked already
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I'll tell you exactly what this site has taught me - HUMILITY. I'm a consultant, so I'm paid to be an "expert" on stuff in like 30 minutes... so when I started smoking I thought I had this whole thing wrapped up in 2 or 3 weekends.


There's folks on here that have forgotten more about smoking meat (and pickling, making cheese, brewing, marinating, searing, dessicating, brining, and ABT'ing - ya'll know who you are) than I'll know in ten years. Maybe fifteen.

Just like smoking meat - knowledge about cooking can only be properly obtained SLOWLY over TIME. Just because you make some awesome ribs once doesn't mean you can do it twenty times consistently. Speaking of that, I have *yet* to make ribs that I consider top-notch ONCE... much less with any consistency.

So anyway - Thanks for the TREMENDOUS resource Jeff, and thanks to the rest of ya'll for being great neighbors.
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First of all I want to thank all of the Smoking Meat family for the advice , recipes and info that you have given me . When I started smoking 2 1/2 years ago I know nothing about smoking , and today I can create a whole meal in my GOSM with confidence and pride because of all the help you gave me . I have a long way to go yet but knowing that I belong to a family like this facing the twilight zone will much easier .To tell you the truth i'm addicted to this Forum and to smoking . P.S. I take my hat off to you JEFF !!!!! THANKS
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You guys and gals are great and the kind words are heartfelt... I think that is what makes this site great!

It is in the combined knowledge of all that come here and the amazing willingness to help others that completely blows me away with pride;-)

I have had to learn a few hard lessons recently in running an online forum properly and I am sure a few of you are still working hard at biting your tongues but you have all been so kind and patient as I try to juggle things in my own life while trying to give ample time to this forum..

Thanks to all of you.. keep up the GREAT work!!
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i have ONE more thing to add

i am watching BBQ Wars.........talking bout nc.......memphis.......texas......kc.........bbq joints..........always like to watch this sh0w..........tonite makes bout the 5 or 6 th time........

HERE"S is what i learned from here.........i am watching it now........


THATS is what i learned here.........besides the other stuff i listed.....


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I found this site or the one just before this one about a year ago when someone on the yahoo site (I think Sam - who I got hooked on building drums now) told me everyone moved from yahoo to here.

Seems like there was only a handful of regulars then ... TulsaJeff, Dutch, SoFlaQer. Monty, Ultramag, Dacdots, Gypc, Gunslinger, Meowey, Smoked, Cheech, Up In Smoke, Pigcicles, Dickey Doodles aka Smokey Okie and Canjun Smoker – and maybe a few more.

These guys were great answering my questions like:
What’s a fatty? What’s an ABT? What’s Buckboard Bacon? What’s a packer Brisket? Only things I ever smoked before then were sausages, herbs and jerky in a cardboard box with a light bulb and a tin pie pan for the wood chips and I’d been doing that for about 30 years thanks to Mother Earth news.

I found an ECB All-In-One on Amazon.com and tried Dutch’s Wicked Beans, SoFlaQers finishing sauce and Jeff’s Smoked Turkey.

I immediately felt at home here and wanted to help were I could. Jeff was such a sweetheart setting this all up and keeping things going. I know it’s not easy to keep up with. This has been an amazing site under his direction and with the help of Dutch and Monty. I don’t think anyone could have dreamed how far this would have gone!

Thank you dear Jeff, Dutch, and Monty for all you have done and all you have given us in this forum and in the building of such a fine family. Also thanks to Abigale for supporting Jeff in this quest for the best forum on the net – because I know she has lost a lot of time with her family to keep this thing going.

This place is one big family and I spend more time with this family than my blood family. I look forward to meeting more of you in the future. Big Hugs!
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Dang it dude, you gotta try and cheer up. tongue.gifbiggrin.gif , when my son was about 5 years old, he mis-pronounced a few words, when the horses came down to the house, Tanner would say, dad, the he he's are here. With all the hehe's we get from you, How big a herd y'all got? I don't think the whole, "Rawhide" crew could round em up. icon_smile.gif Oh, by the way, I know you hate my view, but here are some of todays ribs, sorry. wink.gif

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well, let's see. i learned what kind of smoke you want (TBS); how long to season my wood; jeff's great recipes; the 3-2-1 method; and i would have never thought to make a fatty without this place. i have met some wonderful folks. made alot of friends <my other family>. i owe all i know about smoking meat to this forum. i am sure there is more, but can't think of it all right now.
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I know I havn't been a member for long, but I have been watching in the background for quite a while. This site has been invaluable to me, it has helped me in my quest to learn the art of smoking. Here in Australia there is nobody to ask, you can't go to a Comp and watch one of the Pro's you can't even go for a feed at a BBQ joint to compare your home grown efforts. The photos and the chat here are the best reference I have got!
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Infrequent newbie here!

I read more than I contribute because there are some serious smoking experts on here, and I gotta lot to learn. *lol*

However, thanks to Jeff and the rest of you, I now make better ribs than any local pit house (thank you, 3-2-1) and my friends are constantly clamoring for ABT. Plus you all are a nice bunch. Typically large groups of internet people will inevitably end up in a flame war, but ya'll are either too full of brisket and shoulder to fight, or the mod does a good job of regulating the board.

Excellent board PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I wanted to bump this because I thought it was good thread and needed to be resurrected! Especially after all the new members that have joined since!

Hawg I couldn't have said it better myself!
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Where do I start? I never new what a fattie was, now there is one on the smoker just about everytime its lit. ABTs were also a great find. Learned proper pork temps, and the Meowey method and can now make some killer pulled pork. Found all the mods for my CG, and advise to get that working good. Alot of great info, and helpful people. The only thing that I have not found yet is where to order the hats, shirts, etc... Hopefully that will be up soon. Glad I found this site!!!!!!!
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Glued, thanks for the bump!

If I were to take just one thing from this site, I think the most important thing would be that smoke should be treated as an ingredient. When I first started smoking, I thought more is better. Not.

Learn the way of the TBS. Live it. Love it.
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Yanno, Hawg...that's just freakin' brilliant! Perfect definition.

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