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Fajitas- the real deal

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these are the top 3 quality finds from google that i thought were relevant.
there are as many fajita contests as chili cookoffs... i have many great recipes for them... i am sooo frustrated i can't get them here & even can't teach a butcher how to cut them..... now i know dutch could do both in a heart beat... but here it is for those that wonder.
p.s.( yeah wikipedia sucks but i threw it in...
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you can't find skirt strip?

heck........use the flank

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not in the whole state of kentucky.....closest i got was a "milanesa cut thin sliced top round"- i faked it w/ the spices & slow smoking...
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fajita is like a brisket- the cut no matter the spices has a texture & taste all it's own.
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okay.........but i have used a whole lot of diff. meats in making fajita's........i guess yours and mine have been diff.......but aint that whats great bout this ideas

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exactly- i have faked it w/ a lot of cuts- but it's just not the same taste- like faking brisket... it just ain't....
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Tell your butcher to order you a box of 121C, which is Beef Plate, outside skirt. 121C is the IMPS number, (Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications). This is a universal numbering system so that everyone understands what is being ordered and what is to be shipped.
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much love goat but i'm in a dry county in kentucky... did that help... i never thought there was such a thing....i'm not in the real world here....but thanx- i'll get drop shipped from h.e.b. in texas..... desperation knows no bounds...

i went all the way to the head butcher for the whole kroger chain(he was raised in kilgore) & the wally world butchers- they won't do it....and the only & closest butcher is 1 hr away & he wants $7.00 per lb fer a bad ugly thin sliced round(beat w/ a hammer to make it good ) chix fried cut... he said there's no such cut as a flank or skirt steak.....but there's a skirt roast (a top round)....
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if that butcher denies there being no such cut as a flank or skirt.....he isn't much of a butcher, now is good ol bugs would say.........what a maaa---------rooooooon

good ol h.e.b. gotta couple of ballcaps of theirs round here somewhere...

can't believe they can't order meat for you ARE in a backwards can you get paroled from that state?

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