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I threw a pork loin on the smoker last night. Smoked at 200 for 3 + hours until the center was 165 degrees. Then I took it out and tented it for 30 minutes before I cut into it. I used a very light fruity wood mixture that I found.

It came out pretty dry for my taste. Not tood bad, but I'm sure many of you would have thought "shoe leather" icon_redface.gif

I did not soak in a brine at all. Would that have helped?

I also did not put any rub on the loin either. Would that have helped?

Thanks, I'll hang up and listen while you respond.
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Try wrapping in bacon over a base of EVOO then your rub.
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Brine would help.........hotter cooking temp would help............pulling it off 10 degrees lower would help.

Any one of the 3 would make a difference, but all 3 in combination and you will really be getting somewhere IMO.

That is the nice thing about this...........even when you feel there is room for improvements, you can still eat the "pretty goods".

Hope that helps
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Also, I'm not sure of the term for it, but try inserting "threads" of pork fat right into slits in the meat. Cut like 1/4" squares a couple inches long- run the loin thru with a narrow boning kinfe, and slip the threads in, about every 2 inches along the length of the loin. then the EVOO...etc...
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Larding is the term if I am not mistaken.
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Ahhh yep. Tanks Joe!
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Thanks everyone.

Will try brine, hotter, quicker
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Good luck. Nice thing is the results still usually taste pretty good as you experiment.
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I have had great luck with a OO coating with rub and wrapping in thick slice bacon and smoke at 225 unit 160 and they have been great..
Doing one tomorrow or Thur depending on weather..

Good luck with your next smoke..
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just did one sunday

jeffs rub
pulled at 170

moist and tender as a old maids love

used cherry.......really helps with the sweetness of the bark

took less than 2 hours......tented for 30 minutes........

but the loin was only 1.1 lb

maybe next time keys.....get one of them hormel marinated loins.....

mine wasn't......but it mite help you the next time

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