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meat selections help/tips

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I have read that meat selectoin is important when choosing ribs. I want to give some baby back ribs and maybe spare ribs a try this up coming weekend. So far I have done pulled pork and some chickens and have had good success. Any tips you smoking folks can give will be appriciated thanks in advance scott.
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Baby backs are much smaller and leaner than spare ribs. Spare ribs have more meat on them. Baby backs seem to be the most popular.

As far as picking them out, look for ribs with a nice color, and ribs that are not extremely fatty lookin. Spares will be faty lookin but you can trim them up some........my 2 cents
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Baby Backs are pricey ............. Because they are GOOOOOD. Catch 'em on sale and you'll feel better at the check-out/register. Just buy a rack of each & do your own taste test.
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I'm a big fan of bb ribs but both are good. Try the 3-2-1 method as most people have success with it.
If you are doing bb you can modify that to 2-2-1.

Good luck with them.
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buy the spares for the price,trim them if ya like(there's a you tube vid somewhere- just youtube search- st.louis trim)or baby back. just buy fresh- not frozen(aka-frosted pkg) so you can see the fat content & pull the membrane if you must- thats my .002 centsless worth. just remember - even the trimmin's will keep the dog faithful- you'll never have a stolen pit or a stray squirrel ... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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