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Any word on Deejay/Shelly in NY? - Page 3

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she won't have to work... just suck up our smoking goodness, prop a foot up & enjoy- ain't that incentive ??? or me in flowerdy surf shorts & flippy flops & rib juices on bare feet ought to be entertaining.....lol
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Sounds like you all had a great time. Yes, the "baths" are fun. How did you manage such a large sink?????

Come on down, we will be here....


This will give you one last chance for the year.... not many more left... get 'em while you can. Shelby is the weekend before, and that is a LARGE one. It was like 24 degrees there last year icon_eek.gif

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I'm working on training a girl that can take over a gig I have that weekend. If she seems ready at the festival we're doing tomorrow through Sunday, we just might make it...

I'd love nothing better than to sit around and watch you two cook....I'll even do the dishes...lol

I'll bring plenty of Corona for Debi and plenty of Bloody Mary fixins......gypsey, you get the tequila lime shrimp ready.
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you got it. plus plenty of bacardi gold. and a few of the "misfits" are bringing jello shots.
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Alright you kick that girls butt! I want to watch you do dished this time! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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