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test for Chadpole

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Hey Paul, lets see if this picture is too big.
ok, it wasn't, I resized it to, message board, 640X480, don't know why you have to go smaller??? icon_surprised.gificon_frown.gif Terry
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Yeah, that's a good size for landscape. For pictures of people I would like them to be smaller,though. I think I have it figured out now. I have been experimenting with pictures before I make a post. Thanks for your help, Paul
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Hey Paul, your quite welcome. If your gonna post pictures of those lovely Georgia gals that you been telling me about. DON'T make them small. icon_mad.gif FILL the screen. icon_biggrin.gif If its you or other male type humans, thumbnail is a big plenty. tongue.gifwink.gif I got the ribs and roast in the oven, roast is 137 and its dark outside. Why didn't I start this stuff cookin at 8:00 AM? icon_idea.gif Terry
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I don't know. Maybe because you were working on the smoker,maybe?? Anyway maybe you can eat it tonight sometime,LOL
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Terry, do we get to see pic's of this smoke? Git'r dun !!!
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dude is jealous..........and i don't think ANY of the 12 drawves was called jealous...........LOLOLOLOL..........

damn're killing me here.....stuck in innercity

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Nice shot

Sure is awful purty country around thar. what type of evergreens are they ? And that lake looks awful inviting.
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Makes you just feel so closed in eh? I hear ya Dude! I can spit on my neighbors houses on both sides and I never really learned to spit proper!
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The tall trees are Ponderosa pine, the smaller ones are Juniper. The lake is, Flathead lake, its the largest natural fresh water lake west of the Missisippi(sp) 185 miles of shoreline. I am very lucky to live here.icon_biggrin.gif Glacier national park is not quite one and a half hrs away.
Debi, ladys ain't supposed to spit. icon_rolleyes.gifeek.gif , oh well, we forgive ya. biggrin.gif
How was your trip? Terry
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