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Having problems with Flareups??

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I have the GOSM propane unit. I had taken my little chip pan out, replaced it with a 6" cast iron pot. Lately I have been having a lot of flareups and need a solution!!! I have tried chips, chunks, wrapping the pot in foil with holes, soaking.... My temp is staying right around 230 in the box. Can anyone help to problem solve? I want to be able to leave my smokers side for more than 10 minutes without worryin about all this... Thanks
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PotatoC I use a non-coated loaf pan with slots in the sides. It seemed to me that when I used containers with short sides I had that problem too. I haven't had a problems since going to a taller sided chip pan. I know others use cast iron pans and cut down coffee cans, so it may just be me and my stinkin thinkin.
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I use the cast iron box that came with my GOSM. I mostly use chunks in mine so I leave the top of the cast box off. My suggestion would be to use the stock box with the lid on. If you unit has side intake vents, I would set them to minimum opening.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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I have an almost flat cast iron tray and rarely have any flareups , even when I'm up to 325 degrees. The only thing that happens is at very high temp. the wood smokes quickly and creates a little too much smoke but rarely does it flame.
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Interesting... I'd have to say my flareups are only happening within that first hour time frame. Whenever I add more chunks later in the smoke it never flares up, just at the beginning of the day?
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All of a sudden, I'm having the same problem. I thought it may hve been my wood.I just started using apple, and now I have FIRE!!!When I was using just hickory, and misquite I didn't have the problem. I use a loaf pan, and the one that came with the smoker. Oh next smoke I'll go back to hickory and see what happens.
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I am having the same problem with flareups. I would be interested if you find a solution.
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I always soak in my GOSM gasser. No problems no more. Here's my setup:
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The past two weekends I went back to soaking chips and chunks for a good 20 minutes and have had no flareups and lots of good flavor..
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