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2nd try.....

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Hello All, Tomorrow will be my 2nd try at doing the 3-2-1 or rather the 2-2-1 thing on some baby backs. I know I'm supposed to watch for the meat to pull back from the bone on the first 2 of the 2-2-1 series. Last time I depended on the temp gauge on my GOSM and kept the temp throughout the process at what I thought was at 225. The ribs were ok but if I remember correctly, the meat did not recede from the bone as much as it should have. From from what I have read here the gauge may have been off. (Thank you forum members!) I didn't get a chance to get an oven temp gauge today, so tomorrow, knowing that the temp gauge may be off, should I use the gauge and heat up the smoker to 250-275 ?....and watch to make sure the meat recedes 1/4 inch before going to the foiling stage? Or....?
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A decent thermometer is 25 bux. Two smokes of babies was how much?

Get one and be happy!
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i agree with richtee except i think the wired digitals are only about 15. good luck
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mossy mo has the same problem........if i may add mossy

i belive sometimes its the meat...............mossy and i have talked here and on the phone, i don't see how anything that he is doing is anything some of the rest of us are doing..........its unbelievable my luck with my first attempts of thing i have found here to you would call it my "FIRST" butt friday............and ribs........and have nailed each time...and i owe it ALL to this don't give up..........sometimes it isn't you ............its just circumstances..........keep chugging..........

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Thanks for the words of encouragement Dude, I went over to our local restaurant equipment supplier yesterday, and ordered up a Maverick ET-73 as recommended by forum members...Only problem was that it won't be on island until sometme next week. I guess I really didn't want to buy an oven temp gauge for tomorrow. I know there are people here who can cook/smoke just by eyeball alone. I was hoping to get a few pointers to tide me over until the gauge comes in. Half the fun is figuring things out, so I think tomorrow should be ok.
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you can get an accurite oven grate gauge(see my pics in "saturday's Qview" thread)@ walmart or costco for about $3.95-ya gotta open the pit to see it but they work. or you may find a cheap taylor digital for the meat @ a lowe's or home depot. i know it's maui but you can prolly find something to hold ya over.
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Why not take your thermometer and put it in some boiling water? You KNOW that it should read 212 degrees. If it is off by 10 or 15 degrees at least you know where you stand when you are cooking and can adjust accordingly.
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Richtee, Irwin, Dude, Gyspsy, Doug

Thanks for the help on this 2nd try. Dude, thanks again. Gypsy, thanks for showing me how to use the oven gauge to tide me over. The gauge on the door of my GOSM was 50 degrees off on the cool side! Doug, as soon as the Mavericks get in, I'll check its calibration with the boiling water thing.

The baby backs came out as they should be today. The meat was receding from the bones on the first 2 of 2-2-1. Foiled them on the second 2 per instructions; meat was falling off the bone when I took them out of the foil, and on the last hour, the meat firmed up.... Wow!!!

As soon as I brought them in the wife and others started picking on it. I wish I knew how to post pictures to show you guys!!! I am also finding out that I am liking the flavors from rubs rather than bottled stuff. There's a place for the commercial stuff, but if I can make my own to my taste, why not.

I 've got a ways to go but with everyone's help I'm enjoying the journey.
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Sounds like ya got some great help from the experts.

That's what I've found out about this forum. No question is too trivial PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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NOW yer cookin'! Congrats, and always hide a couple ribs for yourself... as good as you'll be makin' 'em, you might not get any! I call 'em "Cook's Choice", and if ya argue you get NONE...LOL!
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That's what I do.
I always get the first outta the smoke
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well for one.........i am no expert........i owe it all to this site........

poi dog..........also check the low cubes and water......stir with the probe.........and check the low end........32 *

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