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Packer Brisket - Smokie Okie Style

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Today I am trying Smokie Okie's packer brisket recipe with Jeff's Naked Rib Rub. Just before searing it I also put on black pepper quite heavy. Mesquite and hickory mix are what a decided to try for this smoke.

First I must say I seared this thing to directions. I have no hair left on my hands and singed my eyebrows a bit !!!

Had problems getting my heat over 250º, so after I got it there I went an additional hour for a total of 3 hours before flipping it in the pan.

Now here it is just flipped.
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Can someone please lead me to a thread of the "Smoky Okie" method of BBQ ?? I've looked up and down and all I can find if references to it, but not what it is actually.. Thanks..Tom..
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I did the smokie okie method last weekend for the first time. Man o man was it good. I singed the hairs off my arms too. I modded my fireplace tongs to be able to flip it around. My wife came outside and saw that brisket on the grill with flames shooting 3 ft over it and I thought she was gonna PDT_Armataz_01_35.gifPDT_Armataz_01_36.gif me. You shoulda seen the look on her face. It was the best darn brisket Ive ever done, thats for sure.
My wife loved it too. Thanks smokie, for sharing your method with us.
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I like the fireplace tongs idea, I am going to have to pick up a pair !!!
My wife was at work when I seared it but I sent her pictures, shes says I ruined a perfectly good peice of meat. I am hoping I have the same outcome as you when we try some of it tonight !!! The grease and seared (burnt) peices are going into some Wicked Smoked Beans I am smoking tomorrow with some smoked spare ribs.
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I tried this with a chuck roast last week. It was done far sooner and tasted farrrr better than the three done with my regular method. One of the hardest things I ever did was to light a good piece of beef on fire and then stand there and do nothing but it was worth it!!!
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Thanks MOSSY, It will be first on my new list..
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I modded my fireplace tongs to be able to flip it around.

What did you do to the tongs, bend the ends like a forcep ???
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I moved the hinge closer to the handle and bent the end to make it more round. Before the mod I could only grab ahold of half the brisket with the tongs, now I can grab a 12lber and flip it around pretty easy. Plus they're like 3 feet long so no more singed hairs.
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A picture would be great..
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Started at noon today, the packer is @ 174º, my temps have been running low late today. I am attempting to fire it up and get it up higher. How long do I wait to move it to the oven?

Also, is this a sliced or pulled type of recipe? I feel dumb and inexperienced, but I have never smoked a packer brisket before. I am a sausage maker trying to mimic other SMF members terrific recipes.....
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Mossy this should be sliced. Where's your smoker temp at? It shouldn't take too much longer to reach the 190º mark - usually in the area of 9ish hours
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I do it the Smoky Okie way injected with Kraft Zesty Italian to 190-195 and sliced. Won't do it any other way. Heaven...
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I am @ 210º smoker temp and 180º internal meat temp. This brisket is starting to test my alchohol tolerance !!!
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smoker temp should be about 250º ... you're almost there anyway turn it up if you want.
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Alchohol has gotten the best of me; I switched it to the oven at 250º when the brisket was @ 181º.

Hey I have ribs and beans to smoke tomorrow !!!
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Temperature alarm is set, I am going to bed.
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Mossy, The final verdict of the "packer" is ? ? ? Also noticed you have 2 probes a grate level ? ?
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now thats bbq dedication...nothing like plowing through the barleypops & setting an alarm.....PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
great pics mossy.
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Mossymo, great looking shots. I tried Okie's method last weekend too. With my brisket-a-flamin, I flipped only to get a nice firey piece of fat landing on the top of my hand. Nice 1st degree burns for my first brisket. But here's my question to anyone out there...the crust was charred but the bitterness it imparted on the au jus and the rest was so intense I had to cut it off before attempting to eat it. What's up widdat?
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