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new toys

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well I decided to spend money I don't have.....anyway my grizzley stuffer is getting a few new additions, new tubes so I can do snack sticks, plus I had to bite on the jerky nozzle as well to make life easier on me since everyone is nagging me to make my jerky again.........gotta love allied kenco and the sausagemaker........ PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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sounds like some good food is in your future.
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You do the chopped meat jerky? REALLY? I'm surprised.
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Okay Bill, you got me scratching my head here. What is a grizzley stuffer?
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yea, made it for years now and it's a big hit!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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it's a 5 lb stuffer from grizzley....
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How good are these stuffer's? I use my grinder with the tube on it to stuff, but it then double grinds the meat and with some sausage I don't want the fine meat.
Been thinking about getting a stuffer..... Are they worth the $$


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And this is just added to get my message long enough to post.

The dreaded "Post too short" Hell..I'm too short, but I've had less trouble with that than short posts here.
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both debi and I have this stuffer and love it.....granted it's only a 5 lb capacity but for the money you can't beat awsome..... icon_smile.gif
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I ordered the 5 lb stuffer from the Sausage Maker and looks just the same except has a higher price tag.

I have spend tons of cash on stuffers trying to find one that I like. This is the one.
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I believe it is the exact same one also, have looked at it in their catalog..... icon_lol.gif

my biggest problem is I discovered that I didn't pay enough attention when I bought the new stuffer tubes, they are for the 15 and up ones that have a 2" they don't fit my stuffer...uggghhhh, although I already know I can modify things and will to make them work.....they will work with my grinders.......but I like my stuffer better for that!!!!
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