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Sausage Gurus...bratwurst colro question

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I'll be honest i didn't search, but i had to ask this before it slipped my mind....

I made bratwurst a few weeks ago using the recipe in Charcutrie with some minor variations. I brought a few with me the day i made them to a family outing and they cooked up white. The rest i vacuum sealed and packed in the freezer.

A couple weeks later i defrosted and cooked some and they cooked pink. I know for sure they were done, but im wondering why they stayed pinkish? This is typically what happens when curing something, but they only had a small amount of salt nothing to cure otherwise.

So anyone know why fresh ones would cook up white and frozen or otherwise stored ones wouldn't?

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Mine are always kind of pinkish almost like a hotdog color but lighter. I never saw white brats unless they were turkey or chicken they are quite a bit lighter.

Were these the classic fresh brats with the cream? I think around page 128 or so? Haven't tried the recipe yet I wondered about the cream though.

Sometimes sausages kind of season themselves overnight and will taste better after a day or two and even have exteme color variations. Did you smoke them or were they fresh? The will definately change color when smoked.
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IF you use a cure with pork it will turn pink.

Was this the same batch?

The color should have been the same unless it was not mixed up properly.
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