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Worst jerky ever

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I tried to make my first 5 pounds on Friday night. Had everything the recipe called for except the cure. I used Tender Quick instead. The package stated to use 1 tsp or TBL per pound (don't remember which one). I followed it and should have known better. When the jerky was done, it had a little much smoke, and way to much salt. I hate to toss food, but there was no way I could eat this stuff. I placed an order for the right stuff and will try again this weekend.
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It's 1 tablespoon per pound. You did not add additional salt, did you? TQ is a cure/salt combo. Also, you have to let it cure for 24 hours.

I only smoke mine for maybe 2 hours for a full batch, then dry it.

If the recipe was for use with Insta cure, or the Prague stuff, I bet it DID call for salt. Sigh...you were damned from the get-go if so.
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It did, I put 2 TBL additional salt, and let it sit about 27 hours and I smoked about 3.5 - 4 hours.

Should I try again with minus the extra salt (seems like it would still be salty) or wait until my cure shows up?
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Wait for the cure .... it's well worth it.
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I have good luck with TQ. Altho, if I'm doing 5 lbs, I'll use 4 TBLSP instead of five, as I also use soy sauce in my recipe. You have to consider ALL salt sources... and the nitrate amount with the 1 TBLSP less will still cure... give it the full 24 tho.
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It's just a matter of knowing what you are using, Bill. I'd venture to say there'd be no real discernable difference when either product is used correctly.
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Hey BdLight try using it in a stew or something with Lots of taters that'll suck up some of the salt and if it's tomatoe based it'll suck up some smoke too. I hate to throw food away!
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The stew is an awesome idea, never thought of that. I didn't toss the jerky as I also have a problem with tossing food. The jerky just needed one ingredient to make it edible. The store sells it in a 24 pack! Over the weekend, I ate the jerky, added the special ingredient and smoked two butts! Now that was some good jerky!!
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