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another part of this thread, is how to prevent the drying out of the outta part of the breast, PLUS the thinner ends of the breast?

or is that just the nature of the beast?

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I put orange slices on mine but I bet bacon would be good. More often than not I do quarters or whole chickens so they have skin on em.
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Well I used a brine recipe for 2 gal mix then cut it all in half. I think I just over did it with time. Like I said I got busy and well ya know the end. I tried to rinse them off for a long while but oh well. They looked sooo good I will be trying them again. I wonder if there is a prob with the way I brined them. Is it ok to let frozen breasts thaw in the brine? Next time I will not go as long with it they are only thin breasts so I think I just soaked them to death.

Debi don't be sorry I would of done it that way regardless. I will be running over the brine times on your site though. So thank you for the info.PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif

Just came back from Debi's site and got to thinking. I forgot to add sugar I looked at the brine recipe and it was all cut inhalf but there was no sugar on the list.(Whoops) Also she recommends 2 hours for breasts I think the 20 some hours were a little over kill. LOL This makes me laugh.
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