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Sigh... I rarely get help. Makes it hard. Been looking for a sewing machine foot pedal to attach to a sweet li'l 110 gear motor to
"Motorize the Enterprise"... heh.
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Wow Deb, that looks awesome!

I keep threatening to get into sausage making... this is yet another nudge to get me started!! eek.gif
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Richtree - If I could mount it to a board I wouldn't need help but it slides all over the place and I have to use it left handed the way my counter is setup. I have to pack it back in the box when I'm done and put it in the attic.

Hawg - Nudge! You can make patties to see if you like it. I did it that way for about 30 years before I got a real stuffer.

Coley - It would save but the extension was pdf.mhl or something weird - you can't read it. Had trouble just pulling up some of the files without getting errors.
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I've never ran into anything like that before...That's weird having two extension like that!...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

It could also have to do with the browser you're using...I'm using IE 6.0 here...It saves it as 'Ukrainian Sausage.pdf'...

I deliberately stayed with it instead of upgrading to IE 7.0, etc. ...

I also have Netscape 7.2 that I use for some applications...With it, and by clicking 'File in the menu bar, then moving down and clicking 'Save Page As...' also saves the file as 'Ukrainian Sausage.pdf'...

I can't speak for different, or newer browsers though...

Maybe someone else can help with this since other folks may be having the same problem...

Wish I had the answer for ya!...PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif

Until later...
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Coley - I have IE 7 not sure why but it only does it on that site and I have to refreash just to the the file to load without errors. Weird.
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Have to say it might be problems on your end...
I use Firefox and IE7...copied it...printed it out...saved it...did what I wanted to with problem...with either was mentioned before...check your security settings...get all the updates for your system...good luck
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got my Butcher Packer order last night! WooHoo! I've been putting off fermented sausages for years - it's cooling off now and my attic is perfect for hanging hams for procscuitto and now fermenting sausages for Christmas presents - can't wait!
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There's some lucky folks on your Christmas list Deb!!
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Ditto what Hawg said!!...icon_mrgreen.gif...

I'm curious here...Since the hams would not be cured in the Parma, or
San Daniele regions of Italy...Which would be more proper to call them...
...'Prosciutto di Debi'...or...'Prosciutto di Connecticut'??...confused.gificon_redface.gif...

Just wondering...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif

Until later...
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I guess they'd be American/Itailan I'm going to debone them and make little 3 pounders they won't take as long to cure - not the big 12 pounders I use at home. That would send me to the poor farm.

Hawg and Coley -

As a kid all the LaCi (the aunts) would make their gifts. Knited slippers, winter hats, sweaters, pillows, balnkets whatever they were into that year or whatever you needed most. I was always so excited to see what they made me with their own two little hands. To me that was what made Christamas special! They put their hearts and souls into every switch and I wore my gifts with great pride! I adored my LaCi!

Although I don't think anyone sees it the quite way I did as a kid - I do the same thing they did. I make presents by hand and every year and spend several months doing it. It's usually cooked or brewed or aged but it has my love and spirt in it. AND I know Mama and her sisters are smiling down at me every year for keeping their tradtion alive in their memory!
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