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Last Sat night we had a small get together with a couple very close friends {Well they always come around when they hear I'm cooking.}The ribs were great,the chicken wings were to die for, and the shrimp...well what can I say.We all had some good food,some good drink, and lots of fun.This reminds me of the way I started out on this forum so long ago, just havin fun.
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1 word dac... simply awesomePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif man i hope we get to cook w/ ya in summersville. ya don't post moch but when ya do it's great que...glad the party was a success....
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p.s. - mom will be sending fresh 10-15 count shrimp from 1 of our boats....
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Hey Gypsy, ya know bro, mom is kinda getting forgetful, please remind her that "our" address is, box 88 BigArm MT 59910 wink.gif
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Dacdots -

Sounds like a great smoke and a great time! Looking forward to meeting you in Summersville.

Gypsy - I'm alergic to shell fish.
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Thats alright Debi Ill take care of your share.....if I must.Anything to help out a friend.
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Alright David you got my share!
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