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Sliceing A Picnic

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Can anyone tell me if you can use a pork shoulder for sliceing? I have a 10 lb. shoulder and I really don't want to pull it this time. I can't ever find a butt so I have to use what I can find.PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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i slice them all the time.... it's better'n cheaper'n sammie meat from the store... if ya got a lowe's ya can get this slicer fer about $90.00- a great investment.

it's a 7"blade & does from 1/32" to 1/2" - it ain't a hobart restaurant but great for home use.- i did a 15lb packer in about 3 mins & cleaned up in 4 mins- i would advise get a metal pusher.- the spikes on the plastic 1 aren't real good.
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You can slice anything. It's up to you. Just pull it sooner around 175 to 180 degrees and enjoy!
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Alrighty then, I think we'll be having Cuban sammies, with some ABT'S on the side. Come on Sun. morning, that's when I fire up the Good Ole GOSM.
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A time guide might be in order too, 10lb shoulder, im not great at math but 1 1/2 hrs per pound = 15 hrs i might be wrong on thaticon_redface.gif
but you might want to drop at least 3 hrs smoking time to keep it firm enough to slice, and thats at a temp of 250 range.
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Anything can be pulled. Anything can be sliced.

You have to keep an eye on it, but I say take it off a little sooner than you would, as the others have said.
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The main difference in slicing/pulling is the texture of the meat. When it is cooked longer, it is easy to pull/fall apart. Meat with less cooking time will have more texture and allow you to slice it without it falling apart. This is my experience, as I have overcooked some roast in the past, and I just about gave up on slicing. The meat was still very tender and nobody complained, unless I ran out of meat.
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