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building a sausage stuffer ??

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Hey gang ,anyone here ever build their own sausage stuffer ???

I am in the process of gathering some materials to use,already have the cylinder ...should be pretty easy to whip something up that will work ...the only tough spot I can see right off is fixing the stuffing tube to the cylinder.

was just wondering if anyone here has done this ? or may have some pics ,advice etc etc etc...also if anyone has or could post a pic of their stuffer taken apart for cleaning could be helpful also

thanks in advance everyone,Tim.
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My Enterprise <bout 80 years old> has a "trough" in the base that leads to the's not a flat bottom. I'd say put a 1" hole and weld on a threaded nipple to accept the stuffing tube, slipping a matching nut over to hold tight.

got some fabrication ahead o ya...
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hummm, my first thought would be as an engineer don't let the bottom be flat, you would need a "trowel" design into the stuffing tube to let the meat flow right......could be a cause of headaches if you don't have all the right equipment to actually manufacture this...... (after all, grizzley has a nice 5 lb stuffer for 70 or less.......I have one, debi has great.....) also the plunger design needs to have a air relief on it as well...... icon_biggrin.gif
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Thanks Smoked...shipping that 70 dollar stuffer to me here in Canada ,puts the price up alot....I have a tube that has a rounded bottom that should work as the trough as you mentioned

it's not really the price of one either ..just thought I might play a bit in the garage and see what I can come up with ? smile.gif

any pics of that air relief on the plunger ??
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Just don't make it tight... ;{) Not the place for piston rings, if ya know whut I mean...
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I'll have to get the camera out and take a few pic's of the piston there for's pretty simple in design and should be easy to duplicate.
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Okay cool,and thanks ....I e-mailed grizzly just to see how much the shipping would be ?? and they won't ship any order less than $ 200 and they won't ship it direct to me , they want to ship it to a freight carrier state side ( one that I have to arrange ) and then thru them to me .... not good customer service IMHO...
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I posted smoke pictures here awhile back to illutrate the setup of the grizzley. Pretty simple design. There's a few pix on my website of the troth.
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Thanks debi...great pic of the trough, have you one of the pressure relief on the top of the piston ?
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It's basically just a screw with a metal disc attached.
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OKay I did sausage last night and dug out the 5 lb stuff here's the picture of the pressure plate - a bolt with a disc attached. I've never had to used it I think it kind of works automatically as you put pressure on the plate.
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Thanks for the pic Debi this a release for air pockets in the meat so it won't cause air bubbles in the casings ?? or a safety for the piston seal ?? thanks again , Tim.biggrin.gifrolleyes.gif
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Tim -

I'm really not sure what it's designed for but I never have air in the sausages. I think it take the air out of the meat as you press it and keeps the thing going smoothly.

I have a sausage thingy for my meat grinder and it farts all the time and gets lots of air in the sausages. This is much better!
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it allows for air to release so the piston will keep moving down and not put air pockets into the casing....without it you would end up having to put more pressure as you compressed the meat and deal with a hugh lets say....ummmmm "fart" at the very end......I would have posted pic's but debi beat me to things and heck she has the same stuffer I got!!!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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It FARTS?!?...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif...Not sure I'd wanna snack on those sausages!...PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif...
Sounds as if it'd work great for the English Bangers!!

Seriously though...I was researching stuffers, including the Grizzly, and
read about the relief on the plunger...Learned it was to relieve any air
pockets in the meat, and would do so each time pressure was applied to
the plunger.

Sounds good to me...I mean, I wouldn't want any of my sausages
to make any rude noises until after they've been eaten!...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif...

Until later...
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Here is a couple pics of mine Ive taken.Ill take some more detailed ones and post them for you.
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Yeppers me and my little bro Smoked have the same meat grinder and the same sausage stuffer!

Coley - Well it sounds like farts anyway! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gificon_wink.gif
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yea, I need to get off my lazy butt and get my grinder grinding and my stuffer stuffing......but been busy with the garden and it's harvest and doing alot of canning...lots of pickles, dills in all types, dill relish, bread and butter types, pickled hot peppers....then there is the dehydrating of the japs and poplano's and all plus all the blanching and freezing work as well........a little garden, lots of work.......still waiting on peppers to turn red thou......wierd summer here this year so it's a waiting game....PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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Just couldn't resist pulling yer chain a little bit Mom!!...icon_redface.gif...

Ya made me spew my drink with that'un!...Still cleaning the monitor and draining the keyboard!!...

Woke the whole house up laughing too!...PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif...

Until later...
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Thanks for all the help and pics gang....have a few ideas in mind ,have to wait n see how it goes ...not sure who's gonna fart the loudest, the stuffer or me after a weekend of Q and wobly pops icon_redface.gif ....but me thinks I knows the answer already tongue.gifPDT_Armataz_01_14.gifwink.gif .
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