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Tried a new flavor for chichen. Bought 10# of bone in breast for the weekend. Ended up being 6 full breasts. Marinated 3 in Italian dressing like I have in the past and did 3 in a raspberry pecan vinegarette. Marinated both for 8 hours and put them on the cooker. Cooked for about 1 3/4 hours basting with dressing I reserved for this. Pulled off when internal temp was 165. Covered with foil and let rest for 1/2 hour. Both turned out turned out great. The raspberry pecan were a bigger hit with the family than the regular Italian dressing. Skin on was crispy and had a unique raspberry color. Tasted fantastic. Wife thinks maybe inject the raspberry next time as well. She has a new favorite now. Not bad for an experiment.

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Congrats on your raspberry discovery and thanks for sharing. Was the raspberry off the shelf or your own creation.
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Hey Charles, sounds great, the raspberry would be my choice too. I would have thought the skin would sog up some what during the foil process. icon_question.gif What temp did you use? Terry
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Follow Up

For Desert and Big Arm

No not my creation on the sauce, Kens Steak House Raspberry Pecan Dressing. My try my own next time. No problem with skin. Was plenty crispy before foiling. Did not toughen up much. All in all a tasty experiment.

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That sounds awsome! I love that dressing! Thanks for sharing!
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