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My first birds...

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Did my first chickens over the weekend. Took about 3 hours at 225. They did not last too long. Although I had to throw the thighs back on the grill afterwards, cuz they were a touch shy of being done. Breast couldn't have come out any nicer. I used Jeffs rub, and was very happy. Smoked with Cherry, and it worked real well. Next time I may halve the chickens to see if I get get a more even cook.
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Try smokin' till internal temp hits 170*, instead of just going by time. SMOKED CHICKS IS THE BOMB!
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I pulled em at time will leave em longer.
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Ideas for next time: probe in the thigh instead of the breast, brining, spatchcock.
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I agree, temp probe should go in the thickest part of the thigh. smile.gif
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Thanks, will def. do that...I had previously read to measure in breast. I brined overnight, that was great.
But I gotta ask...what in the world is spatchcock?
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Another idea for doing chickens is to smoke them setting on a beer can. I did a couple a few weeks ago & they seemed to be done very evenly.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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There's a great link to a how-to YouTube video around here somewhere. Basically what spatchcock is: take some poultry shears and cut down either side of the backbone, cutting it completely out. Take the bird and flatten it out. Do a search. You can take it a little further by cutting out the keel bone and making yardbird in to two halves too.
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This isn't what I was talking about, but it'll give you an idea.
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Good looking birds.
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Nice chickens Bestee! Chickens are amazing brined and smoked! There good just smoked too but do up a brine and add your favorite spices and mand them birds will be doing the chicken dance!
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Thanks Steve...was always wondering how they split em in the shops...whill do that next time and measure the thigh.
This site is so helpful...I love it!
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