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Boston Butt Bark!

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I had a heck of a time with two butts a few nights back, they stalled at 152, it was late, I tried to cook them off in the oven, then I got "tired" (yeah, tired) and turned off the oven and went to sleep. Next AM I still didn't want to feed anyone this stuff because I never saw the meat get to 200, so I cooked them at 300 until the meat came up to safe temp.

They fell apart beautifully, pulled them with those huge clear plastic salad tossing hands (those are REALLY nice for handling hot meat). I've never really enjoyed the black bark, but this time it was SO good. It tastes nothing like the meat, it's so flavorful and different! All I did was a mustard/dry rub prep and a splash of apple juice once in a while. Mixed it all into the meat, I usually discard it, but BOY it's good stuff. It's just hard trying to tell BBQ virgins you haven't burned the meat up and to just shut up and try it.

Another tip from SMF!
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I love the bark. At certain que joints, when i order a sammie, I ask for outside meat.
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A good dark bark is always a desire when I do a butt. I love the stuff!
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Ah yeah something about the bark that's extra tasty.

Do you have a timer on your stove? I set mine at 200 for 2 to 3 hours and go to bed. When it's done it beep and I check the temps.
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Deb, justa wondering confused.gif is your bed next to the oven, or is it a "sixth sense". PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif I know I cant hear the oven timer from my sleepy place. tongue.gif
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me neither, I sleep in a cold cave away from the kitchen, and my stove beeps when I want it to but does not shut off. I turned it off for maybe 6-7 hours and it was still hot when I got up the next am.
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Gotta love that barq!
My oven don't have a timer, if i was to install one i would have to have a remote so i could hear it while i was in the house and my "oven" is in the driveway.

I have been thinking of automteing my smoker lately, i have a temp controler that has analog outputs that could control motors on the stack and firebox air feed along with outputs for hi/low temps that could be hooked up to incoming bomb warning seiren.
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That's what I'm talking about.
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Which brings me to the Fat Cap up, Fat Cap down debate. I use to always go Fat Cap up, but noticed I get alot better bark when I go Fat Cap down. At any rate, glad you final got dinner, er breakfast on the table. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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You need to talk to Geek with Fire.
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