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Smoked Shrimp?

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Another question from the Swiss Alps....I just had some awesome smoked shrimp at a Scandanavian restaurant today. The people had no clue what wood was used as they import them from Denmark. I can see from this chapter, smoking shrimp is not common. I have 2 birds to do this weekend, but will def. smoke some shrimp next week. Will probalby go with like cherry or pear chips. If anyone has any insight on how long or temperature, would appreciate it.
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I can't offer any assistance on the smoked shrimp, but was curious as to how the texture was. Was it kind of dry and served cold like smoked salmon or something or was it closer to how a grilled shrimp would be, kind of hot and moist?

Just curious.
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Bestee, most smoked shrimp that I do is done on a grill with a smoker box filled with a mix of maple and hickory chips. You got to keep a close eye on the shrimp or they will over cook in a heart beat. When I skewer them up, I'll add an unpeeled shrimp to one of the skewers-when the shell turns that pinkish orange color, I'll pull 'em off.
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I smoked some shrimp and was pleasantly supprized how fast it was gone. I used hickory and cherry at 225 for 45 min to 1 hr. Them little boogars dont take too long to cook when not frozen. Here is a pic...

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Do you guys brine them first or anything or just let it go as is?
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Ive done w/ and w/o. Just a depends on how much time I have beforehand.
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To give you an idea how quickly shrimp can cook, boiling water is at 212*, put shrimp in that water and they'll be done in about 3 minutes. If they are overcooked, they'll have a rubbery texture. Watch for color change as they are cookin',grillin', smokin'.
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What Dutch said!
The unpeeled shrimp has to be the sure indicator.
I've got 3 pounds on hand, gonna try them. Sounds really good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I am in Shrimpville and have not even thought of this. I wonder if marinated shrimp would make a difference in smoke time, since they're soaked.
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I smoked some marinated shrimp last night. Let me see if I can find a photo.
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Okay, here's last nights mini smoke. I cooked them over cherry and they were great (2lbs, 3 people, they're gone). This is just before they went on. Grill temp was 200 degrees F. They were on for just under 20 minutes.

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I forgot to say that the marinade was a jamaican jerk marinade from A1. I didn't make it. It was good though!
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man i miss shrimp..... great job.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
i marinade overnight in italian dressing,beer,& garlic sealed in tupperware.
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Kinda hard to not look when cookn shrimp, was always taught if you are looking you are not cooking.

I guess unless it was grilling shrimp then maybe it is the exception to the rulewink.gif
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Did you actually marinade those or just pour it on them for a little while before smoking?
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I suppose I'm just pouring it on for about an hour, Key. 'Course, I don't know really what the difference is. Covered for awhile......soaking for awhile. In this case, I don't think anything penetrates the meat.
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ok thanks for that
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Good question, cause I dont know if I can duplicate them. They were served cold..vacuum packed, and seemed a bit oily...very much like a smoked salmon. I am gonna brine em for a couple hours, and then use pecan chips. I will post my results..but have to wait till the weekend...
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Once again, everyone has different taste. But for my money, Dutch and richoso1 have it right.

We all think low and slow when smoking. But, that is when we are thinking "Meat". That doesn't necessarily go for shrimp or prawns. For shrimp and prawns, you want to think low and short duration.

Next time you are ready to prepare shrimp or prawns, start ten minutes early. Don't trust me and what I am saying. Try this and decide for yourself. If this works, then you will be glad you tried it. If it doesn't, you have only wasted 10 minutes and 3-4 shrimp. And, you can always send me a "NastyGram".

Take just 3 or 4 shrimp or prawns. Put a large pat of butter in a frying pan, use a garlic press to squeeze in a clove or two of garlic. Mix it around and when it starts sizzeling drop in the shrimp or prawns. Those little 'bugs' will be turning pink in 30 to 45 seconds. Flip them over and give them another 45 seconds, "MAX". They are done!!!! Anything longer just makes them tough. I give this disclaimer on everything I say "everyone has different taste and different ideas", and I won't argue with any of you. But for my money, this is the way to do it. 99% of the people I know, even restaurants, overcook shrimp and prawns. We all love them and just don't know it is happening to us. Until you do it this way. Then you know the difference.

NOW, If I want them smoked I never smoke them until they are done and ready to eat. I use my age old method of "cold smoking", (which does not dook them) and then cooking like I just mentioned, above. If I am forced to hot smoke, once again I use as low of temprature and as short of time as possible. If you smoke them until "done and ready to eat", you may like them, but you will be settling for much less than you could be eating.

What do you have to loose? If you like them, do the rest that way. If you don't like them, you have only wasted ten minutes and 3-4 of the little 'bugs'.

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Pescadero, thanks for the advice. I am a shrimp(all seafood)-nut! And I saute my scampi nice and short...I hear where you're coming from, and can attest to that as being the easiest and best way to prepare need to complicate things...unless you wanna smoke em icon_razz.gif!! . Are you suggesting to do the full saute and then cold smoke? And then if they are cooked, how long would you cold smoke for? Would that include any brining or is that just OTT? Thnx
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