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pulled pork

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What cut is it that is used for pulled pork? We have a place out here called Famous Daves that does what they call chopped pork. It is wonderful could that be the same cut as the pulled pork? I would like to try something like this next.

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Chopped and pulled is pretty much the same thing. It is just chopped instead of pulled by hand. Not sure what cut they use, but a butt is the most common with the backyard folk.
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There are several names for that cut. Most folks here call them butts. The full name if pork shoulder boston butt. Picnics can be used also. A butt is the shoulder area, while the picnic is comprised of the shoulder and upper leg bone. IMPS (Institutional Meat Purchase Specification) for a butt would be Item No. 406 - Pork Shoulder, Boston Butt

The chopped pork you had would likely be from the same cut. Some places chop it, some places pull it, and others slice it. All good stuff!

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Yup what they said!

I really like the Boston butt, there is little waste with that cut and it really produces great pulled pork. On the other hand, the picnic ham, or fresh ham (aka fresh shoulder in these parts...) is a good, less expensive alternative to the more expensive Boston butt. You'll get more waste weight vs the BB. but still a very good smoke! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I love pulled butt, that what I use
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I use butt most of the time. They are cheaper and fattier throughout so they come out nice and moist and tender.
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