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Canning Basics

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I started a Canning page to help out with some of the things I've done. A few recipes and instructions updated to todays standard recommendations for processing.


Also a separate page on Pickling which IMHO is different than just canning

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Geez Debi, your talkin about dehydrating, canning, pickling, and preserving. Sweetie, are you trying to say some thing about my age? Yes, I AM older than you, but I've still got it!! icon_cool.gificon_cool.gif haha, Terry
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I thank you from the bottom of my heart, the canning process is so detailed yet easy to understand. After careful reading, I will give it a try.
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great basics.....great to have a refresher also when it's been a while since one canned!!!!

was a busy day here for me canning and smoking, did some applebutter, some pickled hot pepper mix and smoked almonds all at the same time.....man that was alot of work!!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif (did regular dill spears and dill hamburger chip style pickles the other day and will be doing dill relish soon as well.....)
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Smoked,could you fill me in on smoking almonds.I planted two trees about five years ago and this is their first year to bear.Id like to try smoking some,you can PM me if you want,thanks,David
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David -


I believe he used the Hot and Spicy Pecans recipe it works with anything.
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you are correct debi, that is exactly what I used and it's a huge hit around here!!!!!! icon_mrgreen.gif one thing I've been having to do however is after the 30 min smoke session the nuts are still moist, so I put them in my oven at 250 and on convection for about 30 mins, it dries them out great and "sets" the smoke.......they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good....
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Deb I tried to click on your link and it just took me back to the SMF page
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Jim, Deb is no longer with us. She elected to move on.
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The link has been blocked by administration.
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Sent you a message.
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Jim, those links are closed. Member was banned.
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Probably a good place to cut this one off.
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For What ?????????
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I just read her posts and I didn't see any thing wrong,

What gives????????????????
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If ya can't answer me on the fourm,I got email and PM's
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Sent you a pm

If anyone else has a question please pm me and I'd be more the willing to fill you in.
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nothing there!
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never mind
it's there
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