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I tried some abts about a week ago. Some were hot , some not so hot. Much of the heat comes with the seeds, is that right? Obviously you need to clean them out before stuffing with cheese, so do I leave some of the seeds in or what?

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Less seeds and membrane inside the pod is less heat!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Personally, I don't like the seeds. I can handle the heat (most of the time), but the seeds leave a bitter taste. I remove the seeds and scrape the inner layer of the pepper with a spoon. Leaves all of the great taste and cuts down on the heat.
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The membrane is the white portion that is raised inside the pepper. That contains the heat...

I have found however if you want more heatPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif Vacuume seal the peppers and freeze them for a week or two... I set my self on fire last weekend
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I'm not crazy about the seeds smoked either. I like them pickled but smoked they are bitter.
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My experience with any hot pepper is that some are just plain hotter than others. I have cleaned them all the same and experience this.
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thanks to all. I'll let you know how the got as far as the heat.
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Only ate about 3, because I made them for someone else, but the heat in the ones I ate were average. I wasn't to critical about getting all the seeds and membrane out. I'll see what the ones who eat them say.
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