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still trying to post pictures

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That's definitely a picture..yep.. I saw one once and it looked a lot like that. Just a tad too big, but you're gettin there
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Yes sir, its way too big, I will keep trying. icon_confused.gif Terry
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Do you have Microsoft Office Picture Manager? That is the easiest way I have found to reduce picture size.
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I likem big ... that is a great looking smoker (not to mention the stack of wood) ... it would take one hell of a tornado to move that puppy!
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lets try again. Ok, its not my smoker, its me, and the picture is too small,(I almost said I'm too small, its true, but I don't like to hear it) I will keep trying, at least I'm gaining!icon_biggrin.gif Terry
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one last time before I give up. Ok, I give up. Cascadedad, I did resize them as you suggested but all I can post is the thumbnail.
I would like to get a normal sized picture like most people post. icon_cry.gif Terry
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To Squeezy

To Squeezy, you don't need to chain a junkyard dog to that smoker. It just spells HERNIA...
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Yeh guys, its a tad bit heavy, I moved it in there with my front end loader. Its truely amazing what I can lift with one hand! I must be frickin superman. biggrin.gif The wood behind the smoker is not for smokin, its, fir and larch, we heat the house with wood. Terry
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Ok, Joe gave me more help, lets try it again.

Now, if this don't work, its Joe's fault! If, on the other hand, it does work, I must be REALLY smart. icon_cool.gif Terry
WOW, it worked! Dang Joe, I think I owe ya a case of your favorite beer!
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much better... now where's some pics of food cooking ??/ eh ???
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Thanks Gypsy, at the rate that Montana is on fire, I doubt I will get faith full old, "Chaowsey" fired up before Oct at the earliest. I do have a propane smoker and I think it is still legal. I will try to post a few pictures. They might be from Famous Dave's, but by God, you will see pictures. icon_wink.gif Terry And to all that helped me here. THANK YOUPDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Aint that the truth my friend!
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1.24 million acres of montana burning.... i'd just put meat on a stick & sit out in the yard.....hope they get all that under control soon- ya could always fed-ex some texas rain up there.... they got plenty.
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Glad it worked for ya Terry. I would've hated to take the blame for yet another disaster icon_evil.gif ... Happy Postin Terry PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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