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just got home & man was it hot. got to meet bud & tonto, sampled their fine ribs & brisket. great people they are. lots of nice rigs & heavy hitters but i think our smf reps did well (if i was judging). when we left it was around 100f & they were still alive- here's proof.
here's a pic of a serious pig mobile.
now i gotta get the pit lit again( shut the fire down & went to cheer our smf'rs wheni found out wifey got the night off).. and try to talk her into a lang for x-mas...... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thank you for the pictures! I'm glad everyone stayed cool enough to not get sick. I look forward to the day when I can attend one of those events. Thank you for being there on behalf of all of us, too!
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i wish i would have taken more,it was just too dang hot.bud & tonto did a great job as did everyone who hauled down to suffer through this heat. a fair worker actually died from heat stroke thursday there.thanx though- i just figured i was the closest member so i should go support them- plus i wanted to try some food... lol.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Thank's for the updates although i can't pull up the pics!!
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The Smokin' Scotsmen are finally back from the edges of hades......121 in the sun!

What an incredible competition. The setting is the Wilson county fairgrounds in Lebanon Tennessee (near Nashville). This fair is rated number one in the country virtually every year. The Amazon Blazin is over 10 years and going. 60 teams from Floriday to Texas to Minnesota to all over the South (oh, and also from good old Ada Michigan).


We didn't walk.......but we came in 36 out of 60 and are fairly proud of a consistent effort in our second outing. Darned ribs are still my downfall....guess they did not like the grassy sauce!

1 J Mack Cookers 663.9998"
2 Smokin Triggers 652.5706"
3 Rock River BBQ 649.1428"
4 BBQrs Delight 649.1422"
5 Late Night Whiskey Smoke 648.5708"
6 Blindogs Outlaw BBQ Gang 648.0000"
7 The ABS Cooking Team 647.9994"
8 Big Pigs B B Q Co 646.2852"
9 645.1424"
10 Rubmasters 644.5714"
11 Bill and the Dixie Chick 644.5710"
12 642.2850"
13 Jerry King of Midland TX 641.7138"
14 Jacks Old South 641.1426"
15 Team Allegro Comp BBQ 639.9996"
16 No Pigs Too Big 639.4280"
17 Southern Stiles BBQ 638.8568"
18 B S Pitmeister 638.8566"
19 Smoky Mountain Smokers 638.8566"
20 Big Green Eggs and Ham 638.2858"
21 GBs BBQ 635.9996"
22 Piggin and Grinnin BBQ 635.4276"
23 Big River BBQ 633.1426"
24 Wood N Pig Smokers 633.1424"
25 Wild Bunch Butt Burners 631.4284"
26 Bean Bandits 631.4282"
27 EJs Q 629.7138"
28 Boars Night Out Champion 629.1424"
29 High on the Hawg 629.1424"
30 Lotta Bull BBQ 628.5710"
31 South Pork 622.2852"
32 Jiggy Piggy 621.7138"
33 The Pit Crew BBQ Team 617.1424"
34 Paradise Ridge 616.5712"
35 Bonesmokers 615.9990"
36 Smokin Scotsmen 613.7136"
37 Cookin Possums 613.1422"
38 Sunbear BBQ 611.9998"
39 Uncle Butch Barbecue 610.8566"
40 Purple Pig Barbeque 610.2852"
41 MacDoogals Fine Swine 609.7136"
42 Bad to the Bone 607.9992"
43 Dead End Society 607.9988"
44 Do Rag Q 606.8560"
45 Son Seekers BBQ Team 606.2850"
46 Soggy Bottom Smokers 605.1420"
47 2 Men and a Buffalo 603.9992"
48 The Heat Is On 602.2846"
49 Dr Ques Cooking Team 601.7140"
50 The Algood BarBQ Pit Cre 601.1424"
51 Delta Smoke 599.4278"
52 Pig Smokers in Paradise 595.4278"
53 Critter Cookers 587.9996"
54 Hillbilly Porkers Pride 586.8566"
55 Hee Hawgs 584.5706"
56 Hot Coles BBQ 581.7132"
57 State Line Pig Smokers 578.2852"
58 Chic N Bones 566.8566"
59 Suggs Creek Smokers 550.2850"
60 510.2860"

So, our goals were met: meet some good people; have fun; and don't finish dal!!
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Good jobs Guys! We're proud of you! I read somewhere you guys competed against the best of the best there! Learning the tricks of the presentation trade are the thing I guess. Not just good smoking!
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Congrats, you done goodPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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hey bud- the ribs worked for me.. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif i was inspired. so i didsunday cook in 110 here- phew it's hot.
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Yep, there were some heavy hitters there. Anyone who reads The Bullsheet recognizes some familiar teams.
I'd keep doing that rib salad thing, it's bound to catch on sooner or later. icon_mrgreen.gificon_cool.gifPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
Cuts presentation prep time to nothing.
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Congrats again Bud and Theresa... You guys are my heros! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I knew you could do it. It will only get better as you do more. I wish I could have made it.... darn weekend work....

I just finished my 2nd night out of my 8.... only 6 more to go.... then 6 off... I might get to liking this if I can ever get use to going in at 8:30pm and getting off at 6:30am...... icon_eek.gif The down side, I have to work every other weekend...

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I have a complaint Bud! Now that you two are off doing the smoke comps we never see you guys! COME BACK!
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Debi I think you should move to Michigan then you will be able to see them more often. Beside we would love to have you join the new BBQ capital of the US
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they were great people debi- wish we could have stayed longer & ate more( the heat & baby ya know). sent my kcbs in today(fam membership-aimee is part of the team lol)we need more q'ers in kentucky...
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Debi, it's been a crazy summer. As we speak, we are half way to long Island to see our kids and grand baby. We wish we had more time to relax and communicate on line. Thanks to Gypsy and your beautiful family for coming out in the crazy heat - we enjoyed meeting you all. Bill, thanks for your encouragement.

Bubba and the Smokin' team will be in another comp in mid September. Winter will be a great time to get it all back together!

We miss you all too.

bud and tonto
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take pics you guys.we always need pics of the next generation of the smf crew. i can't wait until thanksgiving to post pics of Aimee w/ her 1st smoked turkey leg....
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