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awesome Q

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marinated the 2 birds w/ balsamic for 2 hours
dusted them both w/ dry rub and fresh Rosemary
set them on Cactus Cooler cans half full
smoked at 315 for 2 hours and spritzed w/ AJ at 1 hr.
also took baby dutch yellow pototoes and wrapped a few with Jimmy Dean to make a delicious ball of heaven. Threw on top of the potatoes a few cooked onions w/ rosemary and pepper and seasoning.
Cooked it all together for the entire 2 hours.

Came out absolutely perfect. Chicken was juicy and had just the right amount of smoke and the potatoes were to die for. Too bad I'm home alone tonite. Actually I have been out front with my neighbor drinking Harp,Guinness,Pete's Wicked Ale and Newcastle. I think everything was well represented. I even took him a plate of chicken and potatoes like atrue neighbor should and even threw him a few of my special Jimmy taters too.
Here are a few pics

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Great lookin' Q! Thank you for not forgetting the camera, definitely a Kodak moment.
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That's some great lookin grub, that's for the pics
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Everything looks great. I am already hungry.
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I love the idea of JD around a potato thanks for the idea
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I like the jimmy tater idea - sounds great. Those birds look pretty tastey too. Bet the neighbor is happy too. Great job!

Have you thought about entering the See the World - Smell the Smoke event? It just takes a couple of good pics!

Keep Smokin
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Very creative! I'm gonna try that this next coming weekend while camping. Where can I get one of those pans that you used?
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Home Depot
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My My My......drool pool coming on here. Thanks for sharing.
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Must be army slang for thanks.....wink.gif Great lookin grub!
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yummmm...potato stuffed fatty, wow it just gets better and the fatty addictions run deeper, and deeper! Great idea JJ!

BTW, I see you are a big Guiness fan. I am a fan as well. Ever try a Belgian Waffle? (Black and Tan made with Blue Moon) It's phenomenal.
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Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Just had one this week at Killarneys. A New Irish Pub that just opened in Riverside. I should probably just forward my mail there. I was a little skeptical at first, Blue Moon being a Belgian Wheat and all, but very good with a great bite...CHEERS!!!
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Great job JavaJoe! Everything looks fantastic! Glad to see someone else finally tried taters with their fatties - it's awsome!
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