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Rib Question

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Have any of you ever heard of Pork Roast Western Style Ribs. Krogers here has them on sale for $ 1.99 lb. This is the first time I have ever seen them was just wandering if they would be worth trying, I'm thinking they would probably turn out dry and not be worth the time spent cooking them. Are should they be cooked like a pork butt. Any advice out there.
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Never heard of em here on the east coast ............ The General can handle anything ....... Give a try!
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Randy I think I will try some of them just to see how they do and the price is right.I'm going to sam's in the morning and get some loin back ribs and tenderloins.
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I wonder if that is a different name for country style ribs??
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Never heard of it either but hey pork is pork and that's a great price! Take some pictures it sounds interesting. Maybe it's the prime rib of the piggie world?
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Thats what I wonder? Are the bone in, or bone less? Terry
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That is what they were plain old country style ribs.
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