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I Did It! -pics

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Here's the link to the pics I've been tryin so hard to upload. Don't laugh; it's a start.
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With the handle you got and what you said (she ugly but smokes ) I was almost Skeered to open it (only kiddin buddy) don't make no difference what it looks like as long as it puts out good Q
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It looks like it will work. The thing doesn't have to be a beauty queen to make good QPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It's not the smoker that makes the Q, it's the OPERATOR!
Looks fine to me. I wouldn't paint it. Check out my ECB, 1975. Smokes fine. Looks nice.
And I like the wrapped pipes on the other smoker.
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Looks nice, good job.
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Thanx for the approval guys. I guess it does have a nice petina.
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Looks great! Love the sausages and the bike!
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Awsome smokers you have there.
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Shes got personality .......

Once you get the picture thing figured out then it is just a matter of remembering to take the pictures and keeping the battery charged
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Hey Bro, looks don't matter it how she gets the job done. And it looks like she did real good with your sausage
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