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Brisket temp dropping?

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An hour ago i had 190* on my instant read themometer in a brisket, smoker at 225. watched the internal temp come up from 184 to 190,came out after lunch and its at 174*. i had probed with dial type several times and it was the same as digital. Is this odd?
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Maybe you hit a spot that was less dense before and got a higher temperature? confused.gif
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possible, but i probed and watched it go from 184-190* in about a hour. ate lunch,watched a little racen came out and it was 174*, moved probe around and got 181*. I had probed earlier with a dial type and they both matched. It's probly getten tired of the hot envirenment, it's been on since 9:30 last nite.
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sounds like now would be a good time to wrap it up in foil & a couple damp towels & into the cooler for a while. like say until dinner time or until i can get over there.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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I had a problem like that recently.... The temp kept fluctuating by as much as 10degrees. If your's is a "Redi Chek" like mine was (old and sun-battered and 2 years old) I turned it off and turned it back on again.... Basically reset the unit and worked fine. I probably need to get a new one. Dunno if that's the problem or if you experienced something different.
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yeah.. i was thinking it's ready to rest on a warm plate w/ some papa salad & beans.
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Its been in the cooler for a1/2 hour or so, got to 200* on the thick end(point?) and 184* on the thinner end(flat?). done the neighbor guy some beef ribs also.just hope this brisket turns out ,i don't like brisket real well anyhow, just practice for my first comp. next weekend.
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just hope this brisket turns out ,i don't like brisket real well anyhow, PDT_Armataz_01_23.gifPDT_Armataz_01_23.gifPDT_Armataz_01_23.gif ...... get a rope. lol- i bet it rocks. lemme see a 15hr smoke,temp dropping to 174 in the thick,wrapped & rested for 2-3 hrs now... i bet ya nailed it.
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DON'T LIKE BRISKET??? PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif Is this your first that you've done? maybe you had a bad one beforeicon_mrgreen.gif
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This is probly my 10th , everyone else likes them,specialy my girls.
ive tried alot of other peoples and just don't care for it, but this is the first that i've done for 18 hours and did'nt rush or let let the cooker get away on me, but it did fall to 150-175 twice, my kitchen timer is'nt load enuff to wake me sometimes and the rain hit fast this morning and i got drowded getting the smoker drug into the garage.
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For what ever its worth. I use a digital meter with a probe,in the brisket. I leave it in the same spot, the whole smoke. Almost always, it climbs to a certain point, then falls, after a period of time, it comes back up. I think its Gods way of giveing us more time to enjoy adult beverages. icon_wink.gif Terry--- Yes, I mean YOU Gypsy!
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i've got a full freezer of cooked meat & whatnot & just cracked the top on a jug of bacardi gold.... i gotta cook something tomorrow... you people are killing me
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OK, i need to retract my statement of not likeing brisket, that monster chunk of meat i spent 18 hours cooking, possibly could have gone more, was FANTASTIC, every elseone loved it also, the beef ribs i done for the neigbor was a big hit. I'm wowned up for this comp next weekend now.
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see.... who in their right mind('cept for tree huggin' plant molesters) don't love a good chunka slow smoked hide.... ya never saw a cowboy that was a vegematarian.
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gyp, i'm a tree hugger and hide in vegitation to kill good food, be'en from Iowa and apperently home of dozer test opperations trees have become a premium, corn at high prices, ethnol boom, trees are getten knocked over everyday and i help cut alot of it so i can cook vegatablerians. i know what you meant and i think roughage eaters would enjoy life much more if they had a more balanced diet, if they would just eat some good smoked meat they would leave their nasty habits behind. sadly, my oldest dots best friend's mother is a hide hugger and won't let her come to our house and when my dot goes to their place she is subjected to cheese pizza.
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Hey Gypsy, personally, I'd eat whatever don't eat me first! tongue.gif Terry
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OR if does try to eat you, then kill IT and eat IT.
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Gee Smokebuzz if you don't like brisket have you ever tried pastrami?
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Gee pastrami shouldn't be dry ... but it isn't like sliced beef steak either. Kind of like ham only beef. redface.gif
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