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New Smoker

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I just put my GOSM together and now I need to season it. I've read conflicting things, so I have 4 questions:

1. Water and chips or just chips?
2. Is Pam a good thing to use for coating the inside and racks?
3. Temperature?
4. Time?

I appreciate the help, as I think I am overanalyzing the whole thing by reading way too much.

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Hey Jasper,

I too have a GOSM so here's my advice, on seasoning.

1) Chunks. Soaking seems to be a matter of personal preference. Get rid of the original smoker box and use a cut down coffee can or loaf pan (just make sure it is not non stick)
2) I used Pam (canola oil variety) and it turned out fine
3) season it like you were using it 225*-260*
4) hour or hour and a half should be fine under thin blue smoke and then throw a couple of fatties on there to really break her in! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Make sure you head on over to Roll Call and introduce yourself, that way everyone can give you a big warm SMF welcome!

Good luck, and let us know if you have more questions!
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Thanks, Doc. You actually answered a question that I forgot: whether I could use the smoker immediately after finishing the time needed for seasoning.
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Absolutely you can using it! Git 'er done, son!
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Hello Jasper and welcome to the best darn smokin' forum this side of planet X. Doc gave you some very good pointers on seasoning your new GOSM. Don't forget to post some Q's when you get comfortable with the forum. Also look into Jeff's 5 day e course, it'll clear up some foggy questions.
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