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what temp for sausage?

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Got some italian sausages in the smoker but not sure what temp they need to get to? Was thinking 160-170??
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165° is good, so you are correct. Should take about an hour and half or so assuming 225° pit temp. Enjoy!
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Yupper, 165 will keep ya safeicon_twisted.gif
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Thanks guys, I took them to 170 since I wasnt sure. We had a big foil pouch with onions and red, green and yellow peppers with some seasoning and butter that I had put in the smoker before the sausages went in. The peppers and onions were still a little too crunchy so I put the sausages in the foil with all the goodies and turned the heat up a little, which help crisp up the bacon on the ABTs also. Best lunch we have had since, well since last week when we smoked turkey, meatloaf, fatties and ABTs! HAicon_mrgreen.gif
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That sounds really good. I'll have to try some sausages in a pouch after a little smoke with vegetables like that.
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I let mine get alittle high at 175*, but they were still very good

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Looks GRRREAT Flash!
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Well I guess you ate it all before you took picsPDT_Armataz_01_35.gif
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Sorry dude, my wife does the camera thing. I have no idea how to put pictures on here.
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Me too....But I learned. Look in "Test Area: playin with pics" Got lots of help from others here
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