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Jim -

Next you you get some squirels you give me a holler! Fried squirels almost as good as rabbit! It you soak them a bit in salted water they are pretty close IMHO. Love em! and NO FAT!
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Well that certainly would explain a lot Pecularmike. I'll have to just stick with fried chicken hearts and livers when I need my weird food fix. It's probably been 25 years since I've had one, but convincing the folks back home that it's a bad idea will be an uphill battle. I'm sure they'll have a thing or two to say about the fact that those were Kentucky squirrels PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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OMG I just noticed that comment and laughed out loud...
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"If you really Loved me you'd let me eat your brain!"
From Night of the Living Dead.

Honestly I hadn't though of eating the brains, I've heard enough about Kirlu and Mad Cow to stay away from that idea. Too bad though I'll generally try anything at least once.
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Been told by the local range folks that someone needs to wipe out 300 or 400 Fox squirrels that are pushing 4 to 6 pounds each....Says they are getting too big and cant climb tree's any more...Property owners have thousands of walnut tree's and acres upon acres of corn raised just for wildlife feed...they are fed heavily 365 days a year as are the deer......Been a squirrel hunter since age 7 and I'm mid 50's now...Never ate a squirrel brain but due to me being stationed in the Army in Europe in the early 80's I cant give blood because I still could have mad cow disease. Come August I'll be ready!

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Got me a Hatsan 125 .25 caliber sniper rifle pellet gun with an upgraded AO scope. Quiet enough you can't hear it from in the house. Neighbors don't complain. And at 750 fps, enough pop to knock the little guys out of the tree. We claim we are protecting our pecans. But I bet we get more squirrels than pecans at this rate! Definitely will give it a try. We have a surplus and the ladies are complaining about their freezer space. So time to smoke up a six pack of squirrels in my book. Just as soon as the ribs are done! :)

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This makes me wanna try the 2 dozen in the freezer here at deer camp. After deer season we always make a point to get a mess of em that harrassed us all season. Maybe Ill hold out for this years bounty and do em all at once.
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I have had fried squirrel and squirrel in the crock pot with BBQ sauce, but not smoked YET. Gonna haved to give it a try this winter.
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Deep fry then cook them in your favorite wing sauce. I've eaten smoked rabbit and didn't really care for the texture so I can't imagine I'd like smoked squirrel.
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Squirrel is much better and different than rabbit. Cooked well it is much more tender. And the taste is always better from the start. Slow cooked in a slow cooker may be my favorite. Go to all recipes .com or the app and search squirrel. Try the manifold stew. Sounds funny. Great seasoning and yummy with the veggies.
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