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EZ-Style pop up tent

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I was at Wal-Mart earlier. They had some 10x10 ez-up style pop-up tents on clearance. I picked up 4 of them at $58.09 each.

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Wow, what a buy. i paid a bunch more at the local building supply, Lowe's type store. Wonder why so cheap?
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are those actually sleeping tents or the roof thingys on stillts?
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They are on end of the year clearance special. I was in the right place at the right time....

These are the overhead type style tents on stilts open of the four sides..... I was looking to see if they had them on the website, but they didn't. They are about half the normal price.

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Kewl! I'll have to check it out mu boy was looking for the roof style for his patio block porch.
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Thats a good price!We have one of those,got it two years ago and it has held up good.We bought it when my son was playing USSSA baseball for a traveling team,we put in up all over Georgia and Florida(Orlando) and Tennessee(Johnson City)!You can't beat it at a price like that!They also have screened sides and solid sides you can attach to them.
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