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how to tune smoker

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what is the process of tuning the smoker after moding it? i have added a baffle to the firebox tunning plates and ceramic briquettes to the bottom to help retain heat and lowered the exhaust to grate level i know i tune it with the grill empty but not sure what else and what steps to do it in the grill is a char-broil american gourmet also have moved the thermometer down to grate level and center of the smoker
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You may be overcomplicating a fairly simple thing. The main thing you want to do is avoid hot spots.

The reason you put the baffle in is tokeep the flames and heat from shooting straight from the firebox to the stack via your meat. It sounds like you've accomplished that.

The reason that you drop the stack to grate level is the same . It will also create kind of a "heat bubble" in the cooking area of the oven chamber and reduce hot spots. It sounds like you've done that as well.

I don't know that the ceramic briquets are necessary. An insukating blanket might be of help in the cold weather, but some good hot burning lump c'coal should keep that thing up to temp with no problem.

The only thing left to do is to see if you have any hot spots. You can do that by placing a thermometer around the grate and checking, or you could just cook something and see.

All smokers have a few hot spots here and there no matter what you do. The important thing is to learn you equipment and then cook accordingly.

If you find that you have any particular specific problems, let us know, we'll solve them .

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Amen Brother SmokyOky, now if you will turn to page 492 in your hymnals Sister Lilly will play our closing hymn.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Well done Tim!
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You can tune a piano, and you can tuna fish, but.......................
What SmokyOky said. ALWAYS stick to basics. smile.gif
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a tuning fork as oppossed to a turning fork ?? yeah i know i know- never use a fork to turn meat..... but it sounded good.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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Was I preaching?

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